Interior designers reveal the one furnishing that will transform any room on a tight budget

...and it’s not what you might expect

Interior designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, who are behind 2LG Studio, have made a name for themselves with their adventurous colour schemes and genius furniture tips. However, according to the duo sometimes a single home accessory is all it takes to transform a room.

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Following their recent collaboration with eBay, 2LG Studio revealed the simple way to create a super stylish home whilst on a budget. It seems the secret is setting your sights on the floor and investing in a bold rug.

living room with red velvet sofa and two men

(Image credit: eBay / 2LG)

Speaking exclusively to Ideal Home the pair suggested investing in a rug as the easiest way to instantly elevate your room. 

‘There are so many varied options which are great for injecting colour in a big way. A big rug in a room can create a huge transformation. It’s also something that can come with you and works in a rental space, as well as it works in a home that you own. Rugs are brilliant pieces,’ they explain. 

living room with red velvet sofa table and pink painting

(Image credit: eBay / 2LG)

Their enthusiasm for this statement furnishing didn’t stop there. In case you need any more convincing, the design duo pointed out that you can go braver with a rug as they are not ‘constantly in [our] eye-line,’ in comparison to a boldly painted wall, for example.

‘People tend to be a bit more confident and go with a braver colour or pattern choice with a rug. It’s a great place to start.' 

While rugs aren’t really known for their budget-friendly qualities, the investment doesn’t need to be as extravagant as it sounds. They recommend buying from small businesses and independent sellers – especially those online. Finding a good deal on furniture sites can feel like a tall order, but not if you have a clear idea of what you're looking for.

dinning room with white brick wall dinning table and chair flower vases on sideboard

(Image credit: eBay / 2LG)

‘Searching for what you need in your home right now can feel daunting, so it’s important to give yourself three materials and three colours that you want to work towards in your scheme,’ 2LG Studio says.

‘The more specific you can be, the results you will find. It helps you to zero in on what you need for your home,’ they add.

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Plus, these large furnishings will take up more space that will help us save money on heating bills whilst softening the acoustics of our room. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

Words by: Megan Slack