5 reasons we’re mad about maps

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  • The trend for maps is charting a style course through interiors

    We’re digging the hot new trend for all things map-related. From supersized wallpaper to chic scarves and witty window displays, geography has never been so stylish…

    1 They make great illustrations

    This hip hand-drawn map of Paris, from £100, by illustrator Jenni Sparks is her latest collaboration with evermade.com – previous designs include fellow style capitals London, New York and San Fran.
    Full of fun and fabulosity, the incredibly intricate design details all the cultural must-sees, such as the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysées, and in a nice add-on also pinpoints the coolest off-the-beaten-tourist-track delis and cafés. Be sure to bung one in your hand luggage on your next trip to the City of Lights.

    2 They work brilliantly in a window display

    More French flair is in evidence as you stroll down Bond Street past Hermès, where a series of super-stylish laser-cut maps of the area around the Bruton Street store is stopping window-shoppers in their tracks. Designer Simon Costin has also weaved in discerning dogs, 2-D lampposts and, in an urban twist on Seventies suburbia’s ubiquitous flying ducks, a trio of flying feral pigeons for a très chic take on the shopping mecca.

    3 They really rock in a 3-D cityscape

    This reproduction of London’s City, £750, by Chisel & Mouse is an architectural masterpiece. Made up of magnetic tiles that stick to an underlying map, it features the area’s most celebrated landmarks, including the Gherkin, Tower of London and Lloyd’s. Hang it on a wall, display it on a desk or table and sit back and wait for the gasps of admiration.

    4 You can put them on the wall

    A supersized wall map is a great boost for a children’s room. Not only will it encourage the little ones to start thinking about international relations (and world domination!) and nagging you about must-visit holiday destinations (Timbuktu – are you serious Junior?), but they’re bound to get top marks in geography too.

    5 You want to wear them round your neck!

    The digitally printed Invisible City silk scarves, £95 each, are causing a style sensation in the Royal Academy shop. Created by Artimos owner/designer Kelin Yue for the RA’s edgy RAted collection and hand-finished by craftswomen in rural China, they depict the abstract modern metropolises of London and Paris in four exquisite colourways. We heart this London scarf in Hemlock, above.

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