These Mrs Hinch Aldi dupes could save you £100 a year on cleaning supplies

Save money by filling your under-the-sink Narnia with these Aldi cleaning products

Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch has built a following of 4 million fans with her Instagram stories, where she shares her life at home with husband, Jamie, son Ronnie and dog Henry. But keeping up with the Essex based cleaning guru can come with a price tag.

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Anyone who's caught a few of her videos will be familiar with her cupboards of neatly arranged cleaning products. However, we have a little cheat up our sleeve in the form of some Aldi dupes. With a few Aldi swaps, you could save almost £100 a year on your own Hinch-haul.

Aldi cleaning products

Mrs Hinch may have missed a spot as some branded cleaners can cost up to £51 per product for an average yearly supply. Aldi has calculated that with a simple swap to their own products, Mrs Hinch could cut her cleaning budget by at least half. Saving over £96 a year by switching to award-winning Aldi products.

aldi cleaning products

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If you are sniffing at the idea of Aldi cleaning products, we can confirm that they definitely pack a punch. The Aldi Almat is tried and tested by the Ideal Home team - trust us you won't know the difference. But your purse strings definitely will.

Aldi equivalents cost less than £18 per year to stock up on – compared to up to £51 for the branded version. Comparing how much Aldi’s cleaning products were worth and using an average figure of 6 packs needed per buyer per year, the retailer predicted that Mrs Hinch could be £96.38 better off a year with just nine simple product switches.

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Even just changing from Fairy Non-Bio Pods (£8.50 at Sainsbury's (opens in new tab), 40 washes) to two tubs of Aldi’s Almat Triple Chamber Non-Bio Laundry Sachets (£2.99, 20 washes) saves you almost 30%, proving that even one switch could save you some of your hard-earned cash each year.

almat so soft conditioner

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Buy now: Aldi Almat So Soft conditioner, £1.09 (opens in new tab)

Aldi worked out that an average yearly supply of the products listed below would come to £172.80, while the budget supermarket's dupes would come to £76.42. However, if you're not ready to give up your Fairy liquid and Lenor at the same time, see below for the smart switches you could be making.

Branded cleaning products

Fairy Original Liquid (344ml) £1.00 Tesco - annual spend: £6

Flash Antibacterial Spray (500ml) £2.00 Morrisons - annual spend: £12

Flash All Purpose Liquid Cleaner (1l) £1.50 Asda - annual spend: £9

Ariel all in 1 pods (32 washes) £8.00 Asda - annual spend: £48

Lenor Fabric Softener (1.19L) £2.00 Morrisons - annual spend: £12

Fairy Non Bio Pods (40 washes) £8.50 Sainsbury's - annual spend: £51

Bold All- in- 1 pods - 15 washes £3.00 Asda - annual spend: £18

Mr Sheen Multi-Spray £1.00 Tesco - annual spend: £6

Flash Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner Liquid (1l) £1.80 Tesco - annual spend: £10.80

Aldi cleaning dupes

Magnum Washing Up Liquid (500ml)£0.37 - annual spend: £2.22

Power Force Multi Surface Antibacterial Spray (750ml) £0.65 - annual spend: £3.90

Lemon All In One Cleaner (1l) £0.85 - annual spend: £5.10

Almat Triple Chamber Laundry Sachets (20 washes) £2.99 - annual spend: £17.94

Almat Fabric Conditioner (1.26L) £1.09 - annual spend: £6.54

Almat Triple Chamber non-bio laundry sachets £2.99 (20 pack) £2.99 - annual spend: £17.94

Almat Liquid Sachets 2 in 1 (20 washes) £2.29 - annual spend: £13.74

Power Force Multi Surface Polish £0.49 - annual spend: £2.94

Power Force All in One Cleaner (1l) £0.85 - annual spend: £5.10

The total is £11.79, and £76.42 for the year.

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While we might not want to go without our favourite scent of Lenor 100% of the time, a few switches could be a smart move.

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Millie Hurst

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