Aldi has launched a cleaning product that is a supermarket first

Keep your eyes out for it on 24th September

Aldi has launched a supermarket first. The bargain supermarket has launched a range of affordable Aldi cleaning refillables to help cut down on plastic use.

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Aldi is the first supermarket to launch there own concentrated cleaning liquids. One bottle priced at £1.99 will create makeup four bottles of cleaning spray.

That means one bottle of cleaning spray will cost less than 50p! If you can find a cleaning product cheaper than that, we take our hats off to you.

cleaning spray bottle

(Image credit: Aldi)

The new Power Force concentrate range includes six new products including window, shower, kitchen and bathroom concentrates. Aldi will also be launching a reusable Power Force bottle costing 99p to mix the concentrates in.

To create the cleaning spray, simple mix the concentrate with tap water in a reusable bottle. Not only is it cost-effective, but it will also save on single-use spray bottles.

Aldi estimates that this new launch alongside the reusable spray bottle will save an estimated 550 tonnes of single-use plastic a year. The refill bottles are also fully recyclable. The new reusable bottle is also recyclable for when it comes to the end of its days.

cleaning spray reusable bottle

(Image credit: Aldi)

'At Aldi, we're always looking at new ways to reduce waste and especially to remove and replace any unnecessary, single-use plastic,' says Luke Peech, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility at Aldi UK and Ireland.

Coming soon: Power Force surface cleanser, £1.99, Aldi

'Our new concentrated refills will do just that. And, even if only half of our customers opt for them, it will take more than 250 lorries off our roads each year.'

Aldi is currently on track to make all it's own-label packaging recycling, reusable or compostable by 2022. The supermarket also aims to halve the amount of plastic packaging it sells by 2025.

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The new range launches in stores as a Special buy on 24th September. Keep an eye out for it in stores.

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