Could this new Friends homeware range at Aldi BE any more fabulous for fans

Devotees of the show will love the new Friends-themed collection – hitting stores next week!
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  • Celebrate 25 years of the iconic 90s sitcom in style with this new Aldi Friends homeware – arriving in stores from Thursday 21st November.

    Friends was THE show of a generation. They were our six best Friends we’d virtually hang out, with day in and day out either in Central Perk or their New York apartments.

    Now we can recreate those same vibes in the comfort of our own homes with a range of Friends-themed cushions, mugs and more.

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    Aldi  has stirred fond memories of the much-loved show, to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. The new Friends-themed homeware range starts from just £4.99.

    Aldi’s Friends cushions

    Aldi Friends home

    Image credit: Aldi

    It gave us the classic catchphrases of Joey’s seductive ‘How you doin’?’, Ross’ persistent ‘We were on a break’ and Phoebe’s heart warming ‘He’s her lobster’.

    Another classic line was the confusing and equally hilarious ‘ They don’t know that we know they know we know’. If you know, you know. If you don’t, you need to know – watch it.

    This design accompany two further Friends design, including one with the Central Perk logo. The Aldi cushions are £5.99 each.

    Aldi Friends mug

    Image credit: Aldi

    Brew some ‘Cwaffee’ and prepare to binge watch some classic episodes.

    Friends homeware at Aldi

    Image credit: Aldi

    Better still, make your own coffee to take on the go. The reusable mug is decorated with famous quotes to remind us of some of our favourite scenes – Pivot!

    The drinks assortment accessories start from £4.99 each.

    Aldi’s Friends bedding

    Aldi Friends homeware

    Hasn’t been your day, week, month or even your year? All the more reason to enjoy even more duvet days. Fans can make them all the more enjoyable with the retro 90s Double Duvet Sets.

    Available in a selection of fun Friends related designs the double duvet sets are £14.99.

    Friends homeware at Aldi bedding

    Take the fan factor up a notch by pairing the bedding with a 90s Friends Pyjama Set for just £8.99. These soft and stylish pyjamas are ideal to relax around in on weekends.

    Friends homeware at Aldi PJS

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