Aldi is selling a churro maker just in time for Christmas… it’s only £14.99

Better be quick...they're already sold out online
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  • Once upon a time churros were a Spanish treat reserved exclusively for Christmas markets and dinners out. However, Aldi has made it easy for us to whip up the sweet snack in our homes with the Aldi churro maker.

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    Churros are a delicious fried dough treat, served warm and dusted in sugar and cinnamon with a pot of melted chocolate on the side. They are a staple pud at some of our favourite Spanish and Mexican restaurants. But now you can whip them up in your own home.

    Better yet, buy the Aldi churro maker as a Christmas gift for a family member and get them to whip up the yummy treat for you.

    Aldi Churro Maker

    Aldi churro maker

    Priced at £14.99, the Aldi churro maker is an absolute steal. A similar version will set you back £29.95 on Amazon.

    What is even better than the price, is that not only does Aldi promise that the finished churro will be delicious, but they will also be ‘healthier’. Churros are typically deep-fried like doughnuts. However, the Aldi churros maker bakes them fat-free, thanks to the non-stick cooking surface.

    Aldi churro maker

    The churro maker bakes four churros at a time so there will be enough for the whole family to tuck into as you wait for the second round. For an even bake, Aldi recommends you turn the churros maker around halfway through the cooking time.

    When turned on the machine will reach a temperature of between 180 degrees centigrade and 220 degrees. While you wait for the machine to heat us simply mix the batter of butter, plain flour, baking powder, water and eggs together. As soon as the indicator light changes it’s time to start baking.

    aldi churro maker

    Buy in-store: Ambiano Churro Maker, £14.99, Aldi

    The maker is available in red, white or black and measures 32.3cm x 12.6cm x 10cm and will slot easily into any kitchen.

    Unsurprisingly, the churros maker has already sold out online. However, they launched in stores this week, so if you are hoping to pick up one of these for Christmas you better get to Aldi quick.

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    Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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