Aldi is selling this Delia Smith kitchen essential for less than £10!

The cooking guru swears by this handy gadget, but you better act fast to get one

White Aldi mini chopper with chopped fruit in jug
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Another year, another lockdown. Luckily, this time we have Aldi's latest kitchen special buys to help us through our new found cooking and baking hobby. However, it is the Aldi mini food chopper that has us especially excited.

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The clever little gadget is the secret weapon of cooking legend Delia Smith. Whether it is finely chopping an onion, or quickly cutting up some green leaves or herbs, the cookbook author turns to her mini chopper to get the chop done in a flash.

'If you want to short-circuit lots of tedious chopping and knife sharpening, I’m really enthusiastic about this ingenious mini food processor,' Delia says on her website Delia Online. '1 tablespoon chopped parsley: 2 seconds, ¾ packet watercress: 4-5 seconds, a finely chopped onion… you name it – thousands of fast little processes that save you time.'

Delia's chopper of choice is a Kenwood. While we are huge fans of anything Kenwood, we can't resist the Aldi version which comes in at half the price, at just £9.99.

Aldi mini-chopper

The Aldi mini chopper promises to make short work of chopping, blending and mixing smaller amounts of food together. Whether you a whipping up freshly made pesto, or chopping dates for a sticky toffee putting this gadget is the perfect time-saver when whipping up dinner in a busy household.

Aldi mini-chopper

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The machine is small but mighty with different speed controls. Standing at just 19 x 11.5 x 14cm this is one kitchen gadget that isn't going to clog up space on your kitchen countertop. It can even fit inside your dishwasher for easy cleaning, with a removable blade for easy cleaning.

Ambiano mini chopper, £9.99, Aldi

The mini chopper is available to pre-order online for the 7th January for delivery. However, they are already selling out fast so you will need to act fast if you want to add one to your culinary collection.

However, the mini chopper isn't the only chef-approved cooking gadget Aldi has on offer. They are also Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton's must-have kitchen gadget - a mandolin for just for £4.99.

Kirkton house mandolin cooking tool

(Image credit: Aldi)

Kirkton House Mandolin, £4.99, Aldi

The handy cooking tool is perfect for getting that elegant restaurant finish with finely chopped vegetables and potatoes.

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Will you be whipping up a storm with one of Aldi's cooking gadgets?

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