Revealed – the Amazon best sellers that Bake Off fans are snapping up

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  • The Great British Bake Off sponsor reveals the top essentials that bakers buy

    We’re already into week two of the Great British Bake Off, and our desire to get the mixer out is rising. Especially for those of us who are taking part in some sort of GBBO sweepstake. I’ve drawn Terry, who I’m convinced will be going this week, however good his 3D biscuit face was. That means I’ll be baking blueberry and banana muffins as a forfeit this weekend.

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    And if anyone is joining me, they might be interested to know that Amazon has launched a new Get Baking Shop, where you’ll find every tin, measure and utensil you could even need. It’s also shared with us, what baking essentials have been best sellers over the past year.

    Kitchen scales, a pastry brush and an oven glove also made the top 10, but we’re starting the countdown at number five.

    5. Edible paint spray


    Image credit: Channel 4

    Does anyone remember Steven’s BLT illusion cake from last year? You know the one – it even earned a rare Hollywood handshake! The trick to Steven’s epic bake and its amazing finish was this stuff – edible paint spray.

    Amazon’s best-selling version comes in 10 colours – including pink for bacon, green for lettuce and red for tomato. Reviewers say it’s ‘excellent’, ‘doesn’t splutter at all and is cheaper than competitors’ and that it’s ‘gorgeous on cookie trees’. We’re sold.

    Buy now: PME Edible Lustre Spray Silver 100ml, £6.50, Amazon

    4. Pyrex glass jug


    The Pyrex jug is as much a baking institution as Mary Berry or the KitchenAid mixer. Obviously, it’s useful for measuring out liquid ingredients – but its heat-proof nature means that you’ll soon be seeking it out for other tasks, like making custard or gravy. Heaven help the person who accidentally puts it away in the wrong cupboard!

    Buy now: Pyrex Glass Measuring Jug, 1L, £5, Amazon

    3. Ceramic baking beans


    No one wants a soggy bottom – particularly not in the Bake Off tent. But how do you avoid this potential disaster? With baking beans, that’s how. The trick is to blind bake your pastry case at a high temperature before you add any wet ingredients. This is done using ceramic baking beans that fill your case, helping it keep its shape.

    And what better beans to use than those endorsed by Paul Hollywood himself?

    Buy now: Kitchen Craft Paul Hollywood Ceramic Baking Beans with Steel Container

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    2. Colourful kitchen cutters


    New to baking? Cookies are a great place to start. You can even pick up ready-made cookie doughs and easy mixes at the supermarket, so there’s no need to follow a recipe. These fun cutters are great value and their bright colours should encourage the kids to get involved.

    Buy now: Kitchen Craft Colourworks Plastic Plain and Fluted Round Cookie Cutters, £3.75, Amazon

    1. Palette knife

    Aah, frosting – the baker’s best friend. Spread a thick layer onto your wonky or overbaked sponge and no one will be the wiser, eh? And to do that, you’ll be wanting to use a palette knife or icing spatula (as it’s also known) for a smooth finish. Job’s a good ‘un!

    Buy now: KitchenCraft Flexible Stainless Steel Palette Knife, £3.25, Amazon

    How many do you have lurking in your cupboard? And which are you planning to add to your collection?

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