Asda is bringing back this nostalgic accessory – and it’s set to fly off the shelves

Remember when flying ducks were a thing?
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  • Is the trend for flying ducks gracing walls set for a comeback? Like most fashions, this kitsch wall accessory appears to have come full circle. Hugely popular in the 40s and 50s, these wall-mounted mallards are decorating equivalent of Marmite. They’re considered the epitome of bad taste by some, while being loved and adored by others.

    Where do you stand? If you’re not a fan, hold that thought, because the below might just change your mind.

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    Not stopping at ducks, the wall art wonder soon became available in other bird varieties, such as swallows, kingfishers and parrots. And now George at Asda are adding owls into the mix!

    So will flying owls be the next big thing for walls in 2019?

    Are flying owls the new ducks?

    flying ducks are back as owls

    New for 2019 are these cute flying owls, swooping into an Asda near you very soon! The ceramic wall decals are painted in the style of Delft pottery, in white and blue, for added charm appeal.

    Coming soon: Flying Owl Wall Decorations, £14 for a set of 3, George Home at Asda.

    Flying ducks on Instagram

    Remember when Coronation Street’s ‘Headscarf’ Hilda Ogden had flying ducks adorning her wall, between 1964 and 1987? She was ever so proud of her duck themed ‘muriel’ wall, as she famously called it. Starting her very own decorating trend right there.

    Fast forward to the present day and #flyingducks is still going strong…

    Here’s a fine example of this kitsch classic being used in a modern green bedroom. Cast in a brooding black colourway, they feel like an elegant accessory befitting such a cool interior.

    We LOVE the colour combinations being used in this room also.

    A laid-back living room with plain walls provides the ideal spot for a flock of flying ducks. Thanks to the stark white backdrop, the accessories really stand out in this captivating space.

    Ah, all the hero retro pieces combined! A drinks trolley, tick. 70s woven peacock chair, tick. Retro clock, tick. Flying ducks, tick. With all boxes ticked, this is a very pleasing space embracing the 2019 trend we like to call Retro Fusion.

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    I’ve spent the last few weeks sorting out our home and creating space. We had such an accumulation of stuff that we just didn’t know what to do with. It feels so good to clear out the cobwebs. Don’t get me wrong, we still have an awful lot of stuff, but maximalism is my jam. Clearing out an old closet I found these flying ducks that I bought a few years ago but couldn’t find a spot to put them. This shelf that I found junking was just perfect and the ducks suit their new home perfectly. This shelf has bits and pieces from all over and houses a few things that I don’t want our toddler to touch (so naturally it’s the most exciting spot in the whole house). Please excuse my sad fiddle leaf, he’s got his top leaves and refuses to grow any more, but he’s healthy and happy in his spot, so we leave him be.

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    Can we please take a moment to appreciate how the flying ducks are in perfect alignment with the three-tier shelving unit? Talk about attention to detail. We love how this homeowner unearthed these ducks and has given them a new lease of life.

    Flying proudly above this door, adding personality to otherwise wasted wall space.

    Even an outdoor space can benefit from this fun accessory. Seen here in gold these are the most jazzy ducks ever to be seen soaring through the sky – that sky being a background of Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue.

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    George Home are leading the flying owl revolution – will others join flight?

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