B&M is selling a new iced coffee maker for just £35

We need one in this heat

The heatwave has been particularly tough for everyone working from home, battling the heat and sleepiness with makeshift air con. B&M now has a brand new iced coffee maker to make staying caffeinated easier in the scorching temperatures.

It's reached the point where even your lunchtime salad is too hot, so an americano or flat white isn't hitting the spot. B&M's budget offering is truly the answer to our heatwave prayers.

iced coffee machine with ice cubes

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The sleek grey Breville iced coffee maker is just £35, and means cold coffee at the touch of a button. It's a brilliant budget kitchen idea that comes in handy when hosting, as it means you can offer guests a broader variety of drinks.

It brews in less than four minutes and there are plenty of syrups available at B&M for giving your coffee some extra sweetness and flavour. These include caramel, vanilla and hazelnut.

Being able to make a quick iced coffee shakes up your morning routine and means you can get a much-needed caffeine fix without the queues. If you think about how much you'll save on all those iced lattes bought out and about in the long term, it's really a no-brainer.

grey ice coffee machine

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Simply fill the machine with coffee grounds and water, add ice into the tumbler and brew. Once it's finished, pour in your preferred milk and syrups and you're good to go.

The machine also comes with a scoop so you can measure it out right every time, and a drip-stop function to keep your kitchen worktops clean. There's also a lid and straw you can add to the tumbler on your way out the door.

Looking for a hot coffee machine too? Have a read of our guide to help you find the best coffee machine within your budget.

ice coffee with straw and ice cubes

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Kitchens can quickly feel a little cluttered with our various everyday gadgets and cooking essentials. So it's worth finding out about the many kitchen appliance layout ideas out there to help keep your worktops in order.

The Breville iced coffee maker is available now on B&M website. Will you be picking one up?

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