Are you guilty of this bad bedroom habit?

Do you dump clothes on the floor? This – along with not making the bed and leaving dirty cups lying around – were found to be the nation's worst bedroom habits

Home interior specialists Hillarys have quizzed 2,486 Britons, aged 18 and over, to find out all about their habits around the home – with a particular focus on bedrooms.

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According to the poll, 58 per cent of us are guilty of using the floor as a dumping ground for piles of clothes and other items – making it the standout worst bedroom habit.

Not making the bed was a close second with 55 per cent. Hoarding dirty cups and plates is third with 42 per cent, followed closely by eating in bed (39 per cent) and discarding items on a chair instead of putting them away (35 per cent).

carpet flooring white room with stand for clothes and white armchair

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As part of the survey all respondents were asked how often they tidy their bedrooms. The majority stated that they tidy ‘once a week’ (37 per cent). While others chose to wait and only clean their bedroom ‘once a month’ (27 per cent). A smaller majority said ‘once a fortnight’ (18 per cent) or ‘as and when I feel it needs doing’ (16 per cent).

The bedroom floor has been coined the ‘Floordrobe’ due to the fact we dump up to £210 worth of clothes on it day in, day out. Those who confessed to dumping things on the floor were asked what the most common items were. The top three answers were ‘clothes’ (84 per cent), ‘shoes’ (61 per cent) and ‘rubbish’ (30 per cent).

Of the clothes dumped on the floor, 58 per cent are to be worn again. The remaining 42 per cent need washing.

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Whilst most tidy once a week, shockingly one in six admitted they simply wait until they feel it needs doing! This contempt for cleaning bedrooms is what leads to clothes, shoes and rubbish being strewn on the floor. Some even admitted dirty plates and cups were among items left to build up – bit gross!

When asked what was most likely to encourage tidying, respondents cited ‘having friends over’ top with 33 per cent. Followed by ‘getting frustrated with the mess’ with 28 per cent.

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*All participants in the research had to have a bedroom to themselves, or one that they shared with a partner. Regardless of whether they lived with parents, friends or in their own home, alone or with a spouse.

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