Bedroom decor trends to embrace right now

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    How often do you consider the importance of your bedroom decor? This sacred space is our personal haven, a place where we can switch off from our busy lives and retire for a restful night’s sleep. Yet sadly, it’s often where we spend the least money, as kitchens and sitting rooms hog our attention. But that’s all set to change this year, as we give bedrooms our utmost attention.

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    Here we explore the new season trends that will be playing a key role in how we transform our bedroom decor.

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    Bedroom decor trends

    1. Dark brooding colours

    Bedroom decor trends

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    To set the scene, think less Duck Egg and more Emerald Green, and you’ll nail the bedroom colour palette for this year. Our colour choices are becoming bolder in our homes – first came living rooms, followed by kitchens and now it’s bedrooms. For bedrooms, these braver colour choices feature on both walls and bedding. Brooding violet, night-sky navy and striking emerald green are all key colours…

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    Bedroom decor trends

    If you’re not feeling brave enough to go for dark walls or bed linen, try draping a romantically dark velvet throw over the top of lighter sheets.

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    bedroom decor trends

    Dunelm is going all out with tropical prints set on a dark background. Shades of lush green are accentuated beautifully when teamed with dark greys, blues and even black.

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    bedroom decor

    As demonstrated by the new Painted Poppy design above, you can embrace rich dark colours in the bedroom without having to redecorate.  A simple new bed linen can transform the whole room. It may seem like counter-intuitive to opt for dark colour as we head into spring, but that’s the key to this new trend – finding the beauty in the unexpected.

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    2. Woven furniture

    Bedroom trends

    Natural textures are playing a key role in interior design at the moment. The room where rattan pieces are making new waves is the bedroom.

    Being both durable and lightweight rattan has been a staple craft material for centuries, particularly for furniture and baskets. The popularity has always been there for sure, it’s just grown more in recent years – not since the 70s peacock chairs have we seen such an ornate use of wicker rattan for furniture designs.

    Leading the way for this retro resurgence is Habitat with its range of Nadia bedroom furniture. The handwoven bed, within the range, combines rattan stems in different thicknesses for a light design with a distinctive shape. This design perfectly demonstrates how a 70s look can be given a modern feel, with a headboard and footboard that both wrap around the edge of the mattress.

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    bedroom trends

    If you’re a fan of all things retro, you could even consider adding a woven dressing table and stool – a forgotten piece of bedroom furniture for most.

    Buy now: Nadia Natural Rattan Dressing Table and Stool, £295, Habitat

    home decor trends

    Image credit: Anthropologie

    Buy now: Kinsella Rattan Bed, £1800, Anthropologie

    Natural woven furniture pairs perfectly with the trend for bedding tropical – it’s the feeling of being one with nature.

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    3. Perfect imperfections

    Bedroom decor trends

    The elegant watercolour print on the Sheridan bedding looks beautifully laid-back when not ironed to perfection.

    Touching on the wabi-sabi trend, there’s a fashion emerging for beautiful imperfections. From mismatched sheets and pillowcases to painterly patterns that are far from a perfect finish, this is the year to celebrate it.

    Speaking of imperfections, there’s a growing trend for natural easy-handle textiles that don’t need to look too perfect. Linens and brushed cottons for bed linens are the perfect bedding to create a sumptuously soft sanctuary to relax in. Laid-back bedding doesn’t mean go all out Tracey Emin style, it just means don’t worry too much about the sheets being pristine and ironed. The imperfectly perfect bed look is big news this season!

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    bedroom decor

    ‘The key to creating an informal style with luxury linens is to keep it simple. Opting for coordinating colours and shades will create an inviting retreat, encouraging you to switch off,’ advises Lucy Ackroyd, Design Manager at Christy. ‘Whereas if you’re feeling a little braver, you could pair with bright and bold cushions and throws, to create a focal point in the room.’

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    Bedroom decor trends

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    Bedroom decor trends

    These dreamy 100 per cent linen sheets from sleep experts Eve. A double set, including a duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillowcases, will cost £138 – a great price for rustic linen!

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    Bedroom decor

    All from the new season collection by House of Fraser

    Layers of tactile throws, bedding and cushions are just the thing to create an irresistible bed this season. Adding statement cushions can add a touch of personality to your decor.

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    4. Well-being and mindfulness

    Bedroom decor

    ‘Amidst our fast-paced lives, our bedrooms are one of our most sacred downtime spaces, yet so often they are overlooked and not conducive to a good night’s sleep!,’ says Nadia McCowan Hill, style adviser at Wayfair,  ‘we predict all will want to take back this sacred space to help better rest and recharge.’

    Nadia has two approaches that will help:

    Tech detox: ‘Adopt a technology curfew at least two hours before bed and avoid bringing screens into the bedroom. In our tech-saturated world, it’s very easy for the laptops and smartphones to creep into our sleeping spaces, but they affect our brain’s ability to produce slumber-inducing melatonin, so banish devices and get cosy with a good book instead!’

    Slow down: ‘Treat your bedroom as a space in which the world slows down, away from the fast and frenetic pace of day-to-day life. Take your time, move slowly and, if possible, set aside 15 minutes a day to meditate. Simply sitting on your bed and repeating a relaxing mantra like ‘just breathe’ while inhaling and exhaling slowly will give your mind a chance to slow down. Rushing around creates an underlying anxiety, but when we take it down a few gears, we are flooded with an overwhelming sense of calm.’

    5. Soft lighting

    bedroom decor trends

    The bedroom is the most important room to get the lighting right. From mood enhancing lamps to dimmable overhead lights, it’s all about being able to control the level of light to suit you.  The lights should be kept to a low level at least an hour before lights out, to help our brains adjust and make it easier to drift off to sleep.

    Investing in the right lighting scheme for your bedroom can help to achieve a tranquil and relaxing space of your dreams. Pendants are a popular bedroom choice because they add a dramatic decorative touch. VITA copenhagen founder Søren Ravn Christensen says, ‘Pendant lamps displayed in clusters are increasingly popular, as they add a distinctive, playful touch to any environment.’

    A feathery pendant is the perfect, textural addition to any bedroom scheme. The texture helps to diffuse the light, keeping it romantically ambient in a bedroom setting.

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    bedroom decor

    Pendants suspended either side of the bed, over bedside tables, is another great way to make a real style statement.

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    6. Shutting out the light

    bedroom decor

    ‘If your sleep is disturbed by sunlight or streetlamps Full Height Solid Style shutters are a stylish solution.’  Chrissie Harper, Customer Experience Manager at California Shutters,Keeping the shutters closed will block out all light in the evening, whilst during the day you can open them fully to clear the window allowing daylight light in.’

    While the classic full length shutter in a safe white is still the best-selling option California Shutters tells us they are starting to see more adventurous colour choices. Many are now opting for coloured shutters in favour of a block-painted feature wall, especially in bedrooms.

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    7. Statement carpets

    Bedroom decor trends

    ‘Increasingly we are seeing customers opting for colours, textures and patterns for their bedroom carpets,’ says Jemma Dayman, buyer at Carpetright. ‘Carpets are a great way of adding a little personality to the room.’

    Traditionally when choosing bedroom carpets we play it safe, choosing something from the cream colour samples As paint and wallpaper trends evolve to become bolder, so do our flooring choices if would seem. Carpet is a real investment so it’s only natural to think practical, but who says practical can’t show off a little bit more personality? If you like stripes, be brave and go for it!

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    Which bedroom trends will you embracing this year?

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