Bedroom trends 2024 – all the colours, patterns and styles to know now

What design experts are saying will lead the way in bedroom design for the year ahead

Bedroom with traditional style printed wallpaper, blue heabdoard and bobbin lamp
(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Wreford)

When it comes to refreshing your personal space, bedroom trends are a wonderful jumping off point. Wether you want to dive into the deep end and create a top-to-toe trend-led look, or simply use a trend as inspiring for adding the perfect finishing touch, these are a perfect way to get your creative gears turning.

Whether you're redecorating your space entirely or just looking for a way to refresh your bedroom, trends can help you consider colours, materials and styles which you may not have thought of before. We've spoken to the interior designers, brands and forecasters to find out exactly where bedroom trends are heading for 2024 and how you can recreate this in your own home.

While there are a mixture of bedroom trends out there at the moment, there is a big focus on making the spaces feel extra warm and welcoming, which is just as relevant if you're going down the calm and considered route, or opting for a dopamine decor-filled room. 

'The overall mood for 2024 is one of gentle optimism and a sense of individuality,' explains Laura Burnett, head of buying at bedroom furniture experts Feather and Black. 'We are seeking a sanctuary away from the cares of the world and the bedroom is a place of escape, rest, and relaxation.

'Create inviting and restful bedroom schemes in 2024 by layering texture, colour and pattern,' adds Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene.

Now let's get into the specifics of what's worth looking out for with bedroom trends for the year ahead...

1. Muted pastels

Pale pink bedroom with white linens, upholstered headboard and art above bed

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'While 2023 was the year of bold colours and dopamine-inducing shades, 2024 will have a more relaxed approach,' advises Danielle Mason, head of product development at The Fine Bedding Company.

'Muted pastels will take centre-stage in the home as they are associated with relaxation but also freshness and optimism. Introduce this trend into the bedroom with beautiful patterns and colour combinations via your bedding.'

'These calm bedroom colours such as these are linked with better wellbeing, so start your day with positivity from the moment you wake up.'

2. Comfortcore

Cosy bedroom with layered linens, blankets and pillows

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

Just like calm spaces, cosy bedrooms are expected to have a serious moment in the year ahead. 'Comfortcore is all about creating a cosy safe space that utilises warm ambient lighting and luxurious textures,' explains Amy Wilson, in-house interior designer at 247 Blinds and 247 Curtains. 'Boucle is ideal for creating a comfortable environment, along with utilising other soft furnishings such as comfy throws and oversized cushions.

'A bedroom is a space to feel comfortable and cosy – and layering textures together is an easy way to achieve this,' adds Danielle from The Fine Bedding Company.

'Texture doesn’t just stop at interesting scatter cushions and a throw on the bed, so look to elevate your bedroom further with an interesting duvet. Juxtaposing fabrics together is a great way to make your bed feel more sumptuous and inviting, so always layer, layer, layer.'

3. Nostalgic wallpaper

Bedroom with traditional style printed wallpaper, blue heabdoard and bobbin lamp

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Wreford)

‘Archive designs will continue to resonate in 2024 bedroom wallpaper, there is a real sense of comfort with patterns and designs that have a sense of nostalgia, not only from memories of our grandparent’s homes, but also from museums and historic houses,' explains  - James Watson, managing director of 1838 Wallcoverings.

'Bedrooms in particular are fantastic spaces to really have fun with wallpaper. Why not wallpaper all four walls to create a terrific, cosy feel and a sense of escapism, especially if you introduce a design inspired by nature,' James suggests.

'Nostalgic patterns are making a come back with designers reviving vintage patterns and heritage motifs,' agrees Chelsea Clark, head of brand at Henderson Design Group. 'When it comes to wallpaper, opt for Arts & Crafts inspired florals or go full 70s revival to bring a touch of the past into the present.'

4. Ceiling as the fifth wall

White bedroom with blue ceiling

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'Painting ceilings will continue to be a key trend in 2024,' notes Ruth from Little Greene. 'A wonderful way to finish off the look of a room; rather than using a harsh bright white, consider a diluted tone of the same colour, or a light but closely related colour that will act as a white when contrasted against a darker hue.'

'Whilst you will benefit from a slight change in tone, the overall finish will deliver harmony, depth and restfulness.’

It's not just paint that's expected on ceilings, though. Wallpaper is set to make an appearance. 'People are becoming increasingly braver in their interior choices so we’re seeing wallpaper used much more often in unexpected places such as on the ceiling,' explains Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages. 'It’s guaranteed to create maximum impact and can completely change the feel of the room.'

5. Statement headboards

Blye bedroom with oversized, shapely headboard upholstered in patterned yellow fabric

(Image credit: Future PLC/Maxwell Attenborough)

'In recent years, opulent headboards have enjoyed a revival in the world of interior design, acting as a focal point and the main event for a whole bedroom scheme,' explains Georgia Metcalfe, founder of French Bedroom. 'A remarkably simple way to make a statement, they can transform a room or enliven even the simplest of spaces, in much the same way as a piece of art might do.'

'Statement headboards emerge as a focal point in bedroom design, offering a unique opportunity to showcase creativity and personality,' agrees Debbie Leigh, design manager at ILIV. 'To achieve the wow factor with statement headboards, experiment with bold geometric patterns, luxurious upholstery fabrics, or opt for a bespoke design that reflects your individual style.'

'Consider oversized headboards or those with unique shapes to add drama and sophistication to the overall décor. This trend emphasizes the bedroom as a sanctuary for self-expression, where furniture becomes a form of art, making a powerful visual impact.'

6. Blue

Blue bedroom with oversized bedside lamp, scalloped mirror and floral cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC/James Merrell)

'Blue is going to become a popular colour in 2024,' states Sarah Lloyd, paint and interiors specialist at Valspar Paint. 'It's no surprise this colour is on the rise, as it’s a versatile colour that can be used in many different ways to create a variety of moods and styles.'

'When choosing blue bedroom ideas you need to make sure you pick the right shade for you. Lighter shades of blue, such as baby blue or sky blue, will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, while darker shades of blue, such as navy or royal blue, will create a more dramatic and sophisticated look. These darker shades are also great when it comes to drifting off to sleep.'

7. Reading nooks

Corner of white bedroom with boucle armchair, side table and floating shelves

(Image credit: Future PLC/Katie Lee)

'For those who really want the serene 5 star hotel vibe, a personal reading or meditation space within the bedroom is a must,' suggests interior designer Ann Marie Cousins.

'Whatever the scale of your bedroom, carving out a small corner for a favourite armchair (whether an Eames lounge chair or an Ikea tub chair) and well-considered lighting, can create an atmospheric space you can’t wait to spend time in every day.'

8. Playful patterns

Brightly coloured bedroom with colourful lampshade and bedding

(Image credit: Future PLC)

As much as calming colours are here to stay, so too is the more dramatic end of the specific.

'In a departure from the starkness of recent years, one of the key trends for the bedroom for the year is all about using bold, playful patterns to bring joy,' notes Emma Deterding, founder of Kelling Designs.'Whilst earthy tones set the foundation for a tranquil feeling, playful patterns and bold colour pops will inject vibrancy and personality into the bedroom – bolder shades and patterns can be just as restful as their muted counterparts, and this is becoming more apparent now.'

'Organic, fluid patterns inspired by nature will be a prominent feature, adding a touch of whimsy and visual interest,' continues Emma. 'Similarly, modern chintz designs will also grace bedroom walls and bedding, bringing character and charm.'

'Geometric prints and patterns such as stripes, polka dots and even chevrons will also come to the forefront, adding a touch of energy and eye-catching detail. 2024 will be the year to let your personality really shine through, and we will continue to see people being much braver with their design choices!'

9. Bold lighting choices

Neutral bedroom with graphic artwork and oversized, statement pendant light

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'Bold and sculptural fixtures are predicted to take centre stage in bedrooms for 2024,' says Jo Plismy, founder of lighting brand Gong. 'Opting for a hand-crafted sculptural design will add a touch of uniqueness and using an oversized pendant can create a sense of grandeur, making the space feel more impressive and inviting.'

'These bedroom lighting fixtures serve as pieces of art in their own right, creating a striking focal point in the room,' continues Jo. 'Sculptural shapes and unique forms add a touch of individuality and character to the bedroom and look great even when the light is not in use.'

'Bedside table lamps are a great way to play around with fun, bold design elements,' adds Matthew Currington, technical director at The Lighting Superstore. 'Matching lamps with an interesting structured base such as curved metal arms or lamps with globe-shades are a great way to add design interest to the space.'

10. Plants

White shelving with plants, flowers and books at end of window seat

(Image credit: Future PLC/Katie lee)

'We will also see an increase in indoor plants featuring in the bedroom,' says Sarah from Valspar. 'Decorating with indoor plants can add a refreshing and natural touch to your home and plants in the bedroom have also been said to be beneficial in terms of inducing relaxation and calm.'

Once you've selected the best plants for your bedroom, think about where to place them. 'Adding plants on the bedside tables, as well as on window sills and shelving can add a touch of colour and freshness to enhance your existing bedroom interior.'

11. Nature-inspired wallpaper

Grey bedroom with botanical wallpaper, red bedding and twin pendant lights

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dan Duchars)

It isn't just real plants, either, they're also going to be inspiring what's going on our bedroom walls. 'Nature-inspired wallpaper is a great way to achieve the biophilic look,' explains Jamie from Divine Savages.

'Nature never goes out of style and we will continue to bring the outdoors in when it comes to bedroom walls,' adds Chelsea from Henderson Design Group.

12. Natural tones

Teal bedroom with wooden bedside table and linen bedding

(Image credit: Future PLC)

The colours of nature are a big influence as well as the shapes. 'Nature-inspired colours remain a firm favourite and will take centre stage in 2024, reflecting a growing desire to connect with the natural world within the confines of our homes,' notes Debbie from ILIV.

'To achieve this look, opt for earthy tones such as warm browns, muted greens, and serene blues,' she advises. 'Integrate these colours into the bedroom through soft furnishings such as bedding and window dressings, wall paint, or accent decor.'

9. Adding pattern with wallpaper

White bedroom with rattan headboard

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'In 2024, bedroom décor is set to embrace a harmonious blend of Boho aesthetics, nature-inspired colours, and statement headboards,' says Debbie from ILIV. 'The Boho trend, known for its free-spirited and eclectic style, continues to captivate with its mix of patterns, textures, and global influences.'

'To achieve the Boho bedroom look, consider layering textiles like vibrant rugs, throws, and cushions, incorporating a variety of patterns, and integrating handmade or vintage pieces. Embrace a mix of cultural influences to add depth, creating a space that exudes warmth and individuality, making it feel both personal and lived in.'

14. Invisible tech

Pink bedroom with glass wall light above bedside table

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'Providing for multiple well-placed sockets, USB points and smart home devices is a given. However, we do not want to see these everyday necessities and we certainly don’t want them interfering with the overall aesthetic and feeling of calm in the bedroom,' explains interior designer Ann Marie Cousins. 'Cleverly hidden and integrated technology will no doubt continue to be a theme for 2024 and beyond, until we become a truly wireless society.'

'The trend of smart, immersive lighting is ideal in the bedroom – which can require different types of lighting depending on the time of day,' adds Matthew from The Lighting Superstore. 'Smart lights can be programmed to subtly transition from dim to bright or bright to dim, aligning with our circadian rhythms. This can also be particularly helpful in the winter months when dark mornings make it more challenging to wake up.'

'And for an extra luxurious look, we’re seeing more and more people adding LED lighting to their wardrobes so once the doors are open they illuminate your cloths giving your space a really luxe look,' offers Rebecca Nokes, design director of John Lewis of Hungerford.

What is the bedroom colour trend for 2024?

As we explained above, muted pastels and nature inspired palettes are leading the charge for 2024.

'In a departure from the starkness of recent years, natural, earthy tones will take centre stage for 2024, explains Emily Atwood, co-founder of bedding brand scooms. 'Warm beiges, off-whites and blush pinks will dominate the colour palette, creating a sense of tranquillity and serenity, ideal for the bedroom.'

However, paint experts are leading towards blue shades, too. In fact, a blue tone is even Benjamin Moore's colour of the year.

Is grey still in style for bedrooms in 2024?

Grey bedroom ideas were the only way to go at one stage, and they absolutely still have their place. 'From paint to carpet, grey has been one of the most popular colour choices within the home for over a decade, and it is still dominating our interiors today,' says Sarah Jenkinson, product manager at Kingsmead Carpets.

'Suitable for both contemporary and traditional schemes, grey has cemented itself as the most popular neutral of choice, after white. Most popular in bedrooms, we recommend a grey with a blue undertone due to its calming properties. Grey is the perfect colour choice as not only does it pair with a variety of different materials and finishes, it adds depth and interest to a room. '

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