DIY fan uses clever terrazzo tile hack to transform drab bathroom for £85

This simple trick adds pattern and fun into your bathroom

Stepping out of a warm shower onto cold, tired-looking tiles is not how we want to start the day. DIY fan Pip has shared a simple bathroom flooring idea that's totally transformed her space with the help of a stencil and some paint samples.

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Pip regularly posts DIY hacks and house updates on her Instagram account @sisters_homestyles, which she shares with her sister. Inspired by the terrazzo trend the savvy Instagrammer decided to give her bathroom a quick makeover.

'This was my first DIY project in lockdown one,' Pip tells Ideal Home. 'I wanted something to take my mind off my wedding which was supposed to happen in May 2020, and therefore postponed. I had seen a terrazzo stencil floor on Instagram so thought I would give it ago.'


bathroom with glass door and white commode

(Image credit: Jess & Pip @sisters_homestyles)

Previously, Pip's bathroom floor had large tiles in a neutral tone, matching those on the walls.


bathroom with terrazzo tile and potted plant

(Image credit: Jess & Pip @sisters_homestyles)

Now, her bathroom floor is full of character thanks to a terrazzo pattern in black, white and grey.

We love that she has fully embraced the terrazzo with accessories on the windowsill in the same pattern. The walls have been given a fresh lick of white paint to brighten up the room, and houseplants finish off the look. Up close, the finish looks really stylish. So, how did she do it?

Terrazzo tile transformation

lady with terrazzo tiles pink shoes and jeans

(Image credit: Jess & Pip @sisters_homestyles)

First, Pip painted the entire floor in the base colour. Then, using a small brush and some tester pots, she started to use the stencil.

She alternated the colours and even mixed a fourth shade to create the impression of more depth. Once it had all dried, Pip used a sealer to make sure it would stay protected. This was an important step to protect the flooring in an area that's often exposed to water and cleaning products.


'The stencil itself was about £38 from Dizzy Duck Designs, the base floor paint was £20 from B&Q and then I used three tester pots which were a couple of pounds each,' Pip says. 'I then used a sealer which was about £20.'


Pip's total spend came to £85, which considering the cost of a new bathroom floor is a steal.

What is terrazzo flooring and what does 'terrazzo' mean?

Terrazzo, the Italian word for terrace, is a composite material made from chips of marble, quartz, granite or glass, poured in place or in blocks. Once it has set, it's ground or polished to make a smooth surface.

Traditionally used on 18th century Italian pavements, terrazzo has become one of the biggest trends in homeware. It has been adopted on everything from modern flooring, walls and stair treads to countertops, vases and lamps.

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Will you be trying this simple bathroom update?

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