Black Friday dehumidifier deals – relieve allergies and your wallet with these great Cyber Monday savings

Defeat the damp with these early Black Friday and Cyber Monday dehumidifier deals

Fight off unwanted moisture and damp patches with these great Black Friday dehumidifier deals that can't be beaten.

To steal a phrase from Game Of Thrones, "Winter is coming". But homeowners don't need a sword and shield for protection from the British weather; many of us just need a dehumidifier.

The colder weather brings with it all sorts of allergens and bad bacteria which could end up affecting our home and our health. Chillier temperatures, frost and dew can cause dark spots, mould and damp stains across your windows, ledges and in the corners of our walls and ceilings. Not only this but bacteria and allergens brought in from the cold can trigger people's asthma and breathing difficulties.

But have no fear! A dehumidifier could be the perfect solution to fight your winter worries. They reduce the risk of allergens being in your house, as well as keep your walls and furniture fresh and dry all year long. Take a look at our guide for the best dehumidifiers around.

And for many more of the most exciting discounts, take a look at our guide to the best Black Friday deals.

Black Friday dehumidifier deals 2021

Dimplex 14L EverDri dehumidifier

(Image credit: Dimplex)

Is your home suffering from damp, mould or mildew? If you're feeling hopeless because you can't get to a shop that sells them, have no fear, because you can grab a dehumidifier without leaving your front door. Retailers are soon to be offering savings on a huge number of dehumidifier brands, and you can see some early bargains below.

Pro Breeze 500ml Compact Dehumidifier | was £40, now £28 (save 30%) (opens in new tab)

You can save a massive 30% on the 500ml dehumidifier from Pro Breeze at Amazon right now, cutting the price right down to just £28. That's a bargain for one of our favourite dehumidifiers, which is ideal for helping to tackle any small space damp problems in the home

ANSIO 22L Dehumidifier | now £199.97 (opens in new tab)

If you need something a need more heavy-duty, then this ANSIO 22L dehumidifier should do the job. The dehumidifier has a built-in humidistat for easy control of your indoor moisture levels, and its 4.5L removable water tank means less frequent emptying.

Dimplex 14L EverDri dehumidifier | was £180, now £145 (save 19%) (opens in new tab)
Amazon has knocked 19% off the price of the Dimplex 14L EverDri dehumidifier, which means you can get your hands on it for just £145. The appliance is one of our favourites, with a built-in humidistat for better control of your indoor moisture levels, and a carbon filter to reduce odours and other pollutants.

PureMate 500ml Compact and Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier | was £38, now £30 (save 22%) (opens in new tab)

If you're looking for a compact solution for your damp or humidity problem, then this 500ml mini dehumidifier from PureMate is ideal. Suitable for smaller spaces, the machine is currently 22% off at Amazon, knocking the price down to just £30.

Pro Breeze 1500ml Dehumidifier | was £60, now £48 (save 20%) (opens in new tab)

Amazon has taken 20% off the price of the Pro Breeze 1500ml Dehumidifier for Black Friday. The machine is the bigger sibling of our beloved 500ml dehumidifier from Pro Breeze, and will serve those who have slightly larger spaces to tackle.

Do humidifiers really work for damp?

In a word, yes. The demands of modern life mean that our homes are constantly being pumped full of moisture, thanks to the regular cycle of bathing, cooking, washing and cleaning – all of which use gallons of hot water, creating steam. Let that steam and moisture build-up, and it will cause dampness, which will stain your walls, and left unchecked, cause long-term damage.

A dehumidifier can be your best ally to tackle dampness and condensation and improve the air you breathe by regulating moisture levels and extracting that potentially harmful moisture.

How does a dehumidifier work?

A dehumidifier draws air containing water in with a fan, then extracts that moisture, deposits it into a tank, and pumps out dry air. The desired humidity can be set via a rotary control and an auto shut-off setting turns the product off once it’s reached the optimum level.

Most models have an indicator light to notify you when the tank is full. A continuous drain option enables the dehumidifier to run continuously by attaching a hose to the drainage outlet.