Does a dehumidifier cool a room? Not exactly, but experts say it still has surprising benefits

Could it replace your fan and AC unit?

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Summer will be here before we know it, and if this season proves itself to be anything like the past years, it'll be well worth adopting the use of a fan or AC unit. However, among the many appliances in your roster, could a dehumidifier help cool a room?

Although the best dehumidifiers are famously known for their ability to combat issues of damp within a home, there's recently been some curiosity surrounding whether or not these appliances could serve an entirely different purpose.

Seeing as dehumidifiers help to dry clothes indoors, so it's not entirely farfetched to assume they could also help with tackling the summer heat – but what do the experts have to say on the matter?

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Does a dehumidifier cool a room?

The short answer? No, a dehumidifier won't cool a room in the same way that a portable air conditioner will, for example. 'However, if the room is hot and humid, a dehumidifier can make the room feel cooler to its occupants as it replaces the humid air with dry air,' explains Chris Michael, MD of Meaco.

So although a dehumidifier will not lower the actual temperature of a room, by removing excess humidity and stickiness from the air, the room will feel a lot cooler, comfortable, and more pleasant.

'This is because lower humidity levels reduce the body's perception of heat,' explains Nathan Paul, air appliance expert at Appliances Direct. 'This is more apparent in inherently humid countries or heatwaves.'

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Seeing as these conditions are often the case in British summertime, this cooling effect should be especially effective. Paired with one of the best fans, this could be an alternative way to keep a bedroom cool in the coming months if you don't fancy running up your bills with the cost of operating a portable air conditioner (or simply don't own one, that is).

But of course, it's important to remember that although using a dehumidifier can help, Joshua Warren, AO's dehumidifier expert stresses that it's not the appliance's primary function and the effect will be 'typically modest'.

'Unlike an air conditioner, which actively cools the air by removing heat from it and then expelling the heat outside, a dehumidifier doesn't significantly alter the temperature. For this reason, an air conditioner may suit your needs better if you're after a cooler room,' adds Joshua.

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So, while a dehumidifier doesn't exactly function as a dedicated cooling device, its ability to reduce humidity can improve overall comfort and make a room feel cooler.

If you've already got a dehumidifier to help with getting rid of damp in your home, it's certainly good news to hear that it's got additional benefits for the summertime. However, we wouldn't recommend purchasing a dehumidifier to use it purely as a cooling device.

After all, there are way better options on the market should cooling down a room be your primary concern.

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