You won't believe how much Brits are spending on candles each year! How much money are you burning?

Brits annual spending candles – The nation has jumped on board the candle trend in a big way, and this is who much we've invested in it.

Serene, scented and oh-so-stylish it's no wonder the nation's love affair with the humble candle sees no signs of abating. Whether it's Aldi's 'Jo-Malone inspired' candle range, the heady floral aromas of a Yankee Candle or a simple garden tea light, we're continue to wax lyrical – yep we had to go there – about the joys of cosying up to our favourite candles.

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Now new research from point-of-sale software company Vend has revealed just how much cash Brits are willing to part with to indulge in their candle habit, and the collective total is so big, we had to read it twice.

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Yep as a whole the nation has gone on a major candle blow out, spending a staggering £1.9 billion on candles each year. When this is broken down on an individual basis, Brits buy an average of six candles annually at £7.40 a piece. That's £44.40 a year each!

With bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms in more in need of a some candle chic, this figure hasn't completely come as a surprise to the Ideal Home team.

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(Image credit: Future PLC /David Brittain)

Revealing some of the drivers behind this candle craze, Vend also surveyed 1,001 consumers and revealed that the majority (42 per cent) buy candles to make their home smell better. A further 36 per cent said candles relaxed them, while 34 per cent said that burning a candle in their home made them feel cosier.

In addition 8 per cent revealed that they and their partner light candles in the bedroom, one in ten said they use candles to add extra ambience while taking a soak and 6 per cent of those questioned said they light a candle while doing yoga or pilates at home.

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(Image credit: Future PLC /David Brittain)

And when it comes to the peak of candle buying season the research revealed that the period around Mother’s Day in March (this year on March 31st) sees a spike in sales, alongside the festive period.

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Will you be gifting yourself or someone special with the perfect candle?