But will there be another one the same? Floating snowflake-shaped hotel planned for the Norwegian coast

Aurora Borealis chasers and fans of alternative architecture and jet-set cool unite and rejoice! Plans for a new luxury hotel are afloat in the Arctic Circle - and all with a low environmental splashprint

h2h news krystall hotel norway
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It is still years away, but the buzz around the plans for the new snowflake-shaped hotel is undeniable.

Recently unveiled by Dutch architecture and urban planning firm Waterstudio - who are, fortunately, specialists in floating structures - the Krystall Hotel is designed to resemble a six-point crystalline snowflake and will sit in the Arctic Circle, nestled between fjords near Tromso, northern Norway.

h2h news krystall hotel norway

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The hotel will be a prime spot from which to see the Aurora Borealis while also enjoying all of the expected amenities that a five-star luxury hotel has to offer, including a wellness centre and spa.


The planned 86-room hotel will only be accessible by boat, but once you are there, it will be a completely self-supporting experience. And, while as yet unconfirmed, one would imagine there is sure to be no shortage of ice available behind the bar.

floating snowflake-shaped hotel planned for norwegian coast

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While the hotel will be floating, it will be built both on a concrete base and be tethered to the adjacent fjords, so movement will be kept to a minimum and should not be noticed by guests or visitors.

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With a portfolio of stunning floating properties already under their belts, Waterstudio are advocates of embracing the water as a response to rising sea levels.

Further on the environmentally conscious scale, they explain that the Krystall will be 'scarless' to its environment. The idea is that should it be taken away, its presence will have left no detrimental mark on the local landscape.

While they won't be breaking ground (or is that sea) on the Krystall until next year, you can see more about it, and Waterstudio, here.

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