Fun Christmas traditions to start with your kids

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  • Quirky Christmas traditions to start with your kids this year

    Christmas is built on tradition: advent calendars, Christmas trees, mistletoe and more, so start some personal family ones with your kids this year that they will eventually pass on to their own families.

    Take inspiration from music, movies and from around the world by creating a range of customs that will be fun for your kids, get them excited for Santa and equally help you prep for the big day. What could be better than that?

    Have a look at these ideas to get you started and mould your Christmas for years to come. Ho Ho Ho…

    Gift a present the night before Christmas

    In Germany and many other European countries, it is custom for Father Christmas to visit on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day tends to be spent celebrating with family and friends rather than opening presents all day.
    Why not bring a bit of weihnachten to your home this year and open a couple of presents on Christmas Eve?

    Draw a treasure hunt

    To add some excitement to the morning, why not create a fun treasure hunt for a particular gift? When they are young, draw a map for children to follow, and when they grow up write in riddles. Sneakily hide notes around the house the night before Christmas and watch your kids become explorers in their quest for Santa’s gift.

    Bake the night before Christmas

    Get your kids baking some delicious treats for Santa and his reindeers the night before their eagerly anticipated arrival. When kids get older, they can also assume an important role in the Christmas roast preparation or get decorative with a gingerbread house fit with some merry men.

    Get charitable with Operation Christmas box

    It is important to remember those less fortunate at Christmas time so help your kids stuff a shoe box with little bits and bobs from their rooms that they no longer use or have outgrown. Aiding the Samaritans’
    Operation Christmas Child campaign, or other charities, will remind young children of others at Christmas.

    Table presents

    For some table fun and a little gift for your diner guests, wrap up some inexpensive presents and place them under each name setting. The table tributes keep kids happy whilst they wait on food and sparks laughter amongst the adults. You can even organise a Secret Santa and set a price limit – in our experience, the cheaper the funnier!

    Elf on the Shelf

    A huge phenomena across the globe since its publication in 2005, this book teaches children all about the naughty and nice list and comes with a stuffed elf to leave around the house keeping eye for St. Nicholas. It is a fun way to get your kids excited (and behaving) for Christmas and the elf becomes part of the Christmas décor.

    Signs of Santa

    Parents, get inventive with your signs of Santa Claus’
    visit. It has been a widespread tradition to leave a mince pie and a cheeky tipple for Santa and his Reindeers, but be more creative this year and stope mud prints through the house on newspaper, sprinkle flour that fell from the snowy roof and leave a couple of bells left by Dancer and Prancer.

    Movie marathon

    Attain a calm and peaceful house on the sleeping night before Christmas, set your excited kids down in front of a movie with a warm cup of cocoa as they drift off to the sound of sleigh bell chimes. Host a movie night every Eve so the family can all relax before the busy day. Equally, Pantomimes are a traditional play hosted on Christmas Eve.

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