Cleaning hashtags are HUGE on Instagram – and these are our top inspirational posts

They're even bigger than #avoontoast and #netflixandchill

Pictures of avo on toast are being outnumbered by gleaming sink selfies! According to a recent study carried out by Airtasker, a trusted community platform connecting people who need to outsource cleaning tasks, we’re sharing our shining sinks more than our meals out. With cleaning hashtags on the rise.

It seems #cleaning is now more Insta-worthy than the foodies favourites #avotoast and #netflixandchill posts.

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The task of cleaning our homes, once a mundane chore, is now a competitive sport – for want of a better phrase. This is in large part down to the online presence of cleaning phenomenons, the likes of Mrs Hinch, Queen of Clean and Clean Mama.

Have you been influenced by these cleaning social media superstars?

Top inspirational cleaning posts

Marvellously clean mirrors

Not mucky fingerprints in sight in this spotless shot.

Gleaming clean bathroom

We love this effortlessly stylist bathroom. We say, effortless but we feel a lot of cleaning has gone into making this flawless photo finish!

Orderly bedroom of dreams

Not a single thing out of place in this Hinch inspired bedroom space.

Plumped to perfection

Perfectly plumped for a photo! Clearly inspired by more than Mrs Hinch's cleaning, this fan has emulated her interior style too.

Inspired by Mrs Hinch

As part of the research, Airtasker analysed a variety of cleaning-related hashtags on Instagram – comparing them to other trending hashtags. Results show #cleaning is quite literally cleaning up with 3,102,335 posts! More Instagrammable currently than the likes of #netflixandchill with 1,602,297 posts, and #eatingout with 855,772 posts.

The research showed #hincharmy reigned supremely popular last month, with it being included on 254,429 Instagram posts.

Mrs Hinch is the UK’s favourite Cleanfluencer, with 45 per cent of respondents giving her the accolade. Her 'Hinchers', as she so affectionately calls them use a plethora of related hashtags on Instagram. Such as #mrshinchmademedoit, #hinchyourselfhappy and #hinchhaul to name just a few.

The power of the #hincharmy has had a significant impact on the number of sales of Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products.

Over two-thirds of us have purchased at least one product inspired by a 'Cleanfluencer' endorsing it.

The Minky cloth has seen a 10,000 per cent increase in the demand from cleaning fans. While eBay searches for Zoflora were up a whopping 210% per cent increase in one-week alone.

It's not just about the products, three-quarters of respondents admit to using tips and tricks they've picked up from the Cleanfluencers. With 68 per cent even admitting they've passed on their newfound cleaning wisdom to a friend.

Over a third have even been inspired by Cleanfluencers to post images of their own home on social media. Some 36 per cent confessing to cleaning an area of the home JUST to be able to post an image on social media – now that's dedication.

mirror on wall with flower vase

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

'It’s astounding how much Cleanfluencers, especially Mrs Hinch, have influenced not only the cleaning products people are buying,' Alexandra Aguirre Tully, Brand Lead at Airtasker. 'But also how they have transformed a nation’s attitude to cleaning their homes.

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Alexandra goes on to say, 'As ‘Cleanfluencers’ have only been on the rise in the last year, it will be interesting to see whether the Cleanfluencer landscape will continue to develop. And how this will continue to impact Brit’s attitudes over time'.


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