'Coastal Grandma' is the new homes aesthetic social media is obsessed with

Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda are the inspiration behind the latest trend

First came Cottagecore, but now 'Coastal Grandma' is the latest trend inspiring our homes. At first glance, it might not sound like the most flattering of trends, but it is the perfect soothing antidote for busy homes.

The home decor trend was originally coined by TikTok-er @lexnicoleta and has gone viral on the social media platform. 'Coastal Grandma' has also seen a 334% increase in searches on google in the last week alone. But what exactly is 'coastal grandma'?

'An extension of ‘grand millennial’ decor, the ‘coastal grandma’ aesthetic is all about creating a calming, seaside-inspired space, inspired by the homes often seen in nostalgic romantic comedy films,' explains Dayna Isom Johnson, Trend Expert at Etsy. Think Diane Keaton in her beach house in Something's Got to Give, or Jane Fonda's Hampton's home in Grace and Frankie, or basically any lead character in a Nancy Meyers movie.

white room with wall art and green trunk

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The look is characterized by neutrals, off-white tones, and breezy, rustic textiles such as linen and rattan. Rather than a full-on nautical makeover, this look is refined, it is inspired by coastal living room ideas, but includes elegant artwork and artisan accessories. However, the heart of this aesthetic is about creating a warm and inviting space.

'Coastal grandmother’ is all about creating a space that feels inviting for family and friends,' says Matilda Martin, Trends Specialist at Lick. 'Whether that’s through soft furnishings encouraging moments of relaxation, or natural materials creating a grounding and homey vibe. This trend may be the interior upgrade you hadn’t realised you needed. If you’re looking for a home refresh that’ll welcome an elegant style, a calming environment and familiar comforts then ‘coastal grandmother’ is perfect for your home.'

How to get the 'Coastal Grandma' look

1. Opt for neutral wall colours

country kitchen dining area with a glass fronted dresser and artwork on the wall

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When recreating this look, Matilda recommends opting for a neutral bedroom or living room colour scheme. 'When it comes to ‘coastal grandmother’ and picking the right colour of paint we’d suggest going for neutral tones,' she says recommending beige or grey. 

Pops of colour can be added in through fresh flowers and soft furnishings such as cushions or throws. However, these pops should still evoke a soothing colour palette.

2. Invest in soft lighting

living room with sofa and wooden coffee table

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'Lighting is key to this look,' points out Steve Payne, Bedding and Interiors Expert at Sleep and Snooze. 'Scrap harsh overhead lighting for upright floor lamps with soft bulbs and vintage storm lanterns on the bedside tables.'

'If you're looking for the stand out feature item for bedroom coastal grandma chic it has to be an over-bed ceiling fan in natural wood tones.'

3. Get the full effect with linen curtains

white curtains and green plants

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Linen curtains are key to recreating that breeze drifting in through the window effect, just like you are on the coast. 'Even if you don’t have a salty coastal breeze flowing through your windows, you can recreate the look of a coastal grandma home with relaxed curtains in neutral shades or subtle patterns,' says Molly Freshwater, Co-founder of Secret Linen Store.

'Allowing a bit of extra length to the curtain so it gathers on the floor adds to the relaxed vibe you want to aim for. The scene you want to achieve is having the windows slightly open, with the breeze romantically catching the curtains as you take in the view.' 

Now just pop on your favourite Nancy Meyers film and relax.

Rebecca Knight
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