Is your home at risk of being damaged this New Year’s Eve? We reveal how to avoid just that!

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  • The unsuspecting party trashers revealed!

    We could be risking damage to our homes while entertaining during the festive period. New research by flooring experts Discount Flooring Depot reveals 67 per cent of Brits admit to having had their home damaged by guests, whilst hosting a New Year’s Eve party.

    Shockingly 15 per cent claim their homes has been completely trashed by a large party. The news comes as 36 per cent of Brits say they will be hosting a gathering at home to welcome in 2019.

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    ‘Of course, the odd smashed glass or small wine spill is perhaps to be expected when hosting so many guests in your home, but it’s unbelievable just how many people have had considerable damage caused to their homes by reckless guests’ says Paula Gray, designer at Discount Flooring Depot.

    Be sure you’ve got the essentials covered…

    The top five most common cause of damage at house parties

    cause of damage at house parties

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    1. Smashed glasses

    In at number one with 72 per cent of the vote. It’s an easy enough accident to happen, so no surprises there. We suggest digging out the melamine picnic-ware or paper cups.

    2. Damage from shoes being worn on real wood flooring

    With 44 per cent stating their real wood or tiled floors were permanently damaged by guests wearing shoes indoors it’s clearly high time we took them off!

    The problem of asking guests to remove shoes at house parties is made worse by not having adequate space to store multiples pairs of shoes – we’ve all seen that episode of SATC when Carrie loses her beloved Manolos right?

    Try covering the main areas with temporary rugs if guests can keep shoes on. Alternatively put some boxes or a blanket by the front door to politely suggest shoes are left there.

    cause of damage at house parties

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    3. Wine stains on soft furnishings

    Whoops, there goes the wine! We’ve all been there it would seem as 42 per cent said  wine stains on soft furnishings had trashed their homes after a party. Red wine in particular is killer for staining, a splash of white on top is said to remove it!

    Unfortunately there’s not much you can do to prevent spillages, as the wine flows well into the night. We suggest removing any covers and storing away favourite cushions and throws to completely avoid damage. Oh and pick up the one of the best satin removers on the market, just in case!

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    cause of damage at house parties

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    4. Damage to surfaces and furniture

    27 per cent claimed kitchen surfaces and furniture pieces were damaged. Cover surfaces with cloths or wooden boards (especially kitchens) and make sure you have coasters on hand, to prevent drinks being placed where they are not welcome.

    5. Broken windows

    A surprisingly high 18 per cent said windows had been damaged by unruly guests. Ensure your guest list is pretty solid folks.

    cause of damage at house parties

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    For 15 per cent of the house-proud Brits polled, who had experienced damage in the past, hosting another New Year’s Eve party in future is completely off the cards. The damage caused was enough to put them hosting again.

    ‘The majority of house guests come along for a fantastic evening,’ explains Paula. ‘However it seems that a mix of too much booze and too many people in small spaces can result in some pretty serious damage. We’d advise setting clear ground rules so guests know what to expect, keeping your invite list to a manageable number and using party-safe equipment, such as melamine bowls and shatterproof glassware.’

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    The finding are the result of a survey of 1,139 UK homeowners, carried out by Discount Flooring Depot.

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