This county is set to suffer from the biggest increase in burglaries in England and Wales

New research shows where burglaries are on the up, and where they'll be going down

As we emerge from two years of lockdowns, burglaries are set to rise. Recent research reveals the areas likely to experience the highest spike in break-ins over the next few years.

Knowing how to prevent a burglary is common sense and as we return to offices, it's all the more important. A study by Compare The Market suggests that Hampshire will be a hotspot with the biggest increase in burglaries.

For the rest of us, between now and 2026, the average increase in England and Wales will be 24%.

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The county with the biggest predicted rise in burglaries

Having analysed the number of domestic burglaries reported between 2015 and 2021, the research combined the figures with a forecasting model. By 2026, Hampshire is predicted to experience a huge 70% rise in burglaries compared to those reported in 2021.

This is significantly higher than the average increase across England and Wales. Cumbria is expected to see burglaries go up by 65%, while Kent (+61%), Cleveland (+56%) Lincolnshire (+53%), Dyfed-Powys (+50%), Sussex (+50%), and Cheshire (+49%) can also expect large increases.

Consider installing one of the best wireless security cameras if you have concerns. Garden lighting ideas and laying down gravel will also act as a deterrent.

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The figures suggest most locations will see a steady rise in burglaries, but there are some places where cases are going down. Compare The Market's forecast suggests those in Devon and Cornwall can expect burglaries to drop the most, with a decrease of 30% within the next five years.

Likewise, Essex (-23%), Bedfordshire (-10%), and Leicestershire (-9%) will see a reduction in the number of crimes.

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With most of the UK set to see an increase in burglaries over the next few years, Compare The Market's Director says homeowners and renters need insurance to be protected. 'If you don’t yet have buildings or contents insurance but are looking to do so, it’s important that you take out the correct level of cover to protect your house and your belongings,' says Ursula Gibbs.

'When thinking about how much the contents of your home would cost you to replace, make sure you remember everything from the TV and sofa to your kitchen cutlery and clothes,' Ursala adds. 'If you have individual items of high value, check to see whether you need to declare these separately.'

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