Cyber Monday air fryer deals 2021: today’s best savings

Pick up a Cyber Monday air fryer deal on some of our favourites from Tower, Tefal, Ninja, Instant, and Cosori, as well as top air fryers back in stock today
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  • It’s Cyber Monday, which means we’re in for some Cyber Monday air fryer deals. Although we saw some brilliant savings over Black Friday, Cyber Monday air fryer deals are still here to secure you an amazing discount in time for Christmas. While these deals are still good, they won’t be live for long, so if you’ve been holding off on picking up a new air fryer from Tower, Instant, Cosori, Philips, Tefal, or Ninja, these unmissable deals are here to help.

    In this year’s Cyber Monday air fryer deals there are savings on some of the best air fryers out there, including a re-stocked Ninja air fryer deal that was sold out across Black Friday. The DualZone is one of our favourites, so we recommend picking it up if you want a serious fryer that can cook your fish and your chips at the same time. There are other great Cyber Monday air fryer deals on our favourite budget-friendly Cosori air fryer, and the immense Philips Viva Collection XXL, which has one of the largest capacities available and is perfect for families.

    We love air fryers for making speedy and tasty dinners. If you’re working from home and want a quick salad topping or some bacon for a sarnie, using an air fryer will also make your life a lot easier: no more working over a hot frying pan or checking the oven for your chicken. Simply set a timer on your air fryer and it will sound when your food is finished and automatically shut off. Many also have dishwasher-safe drawers, making cleanup quick and easy. These Cyber Monday air fryer deals will show you that even more premium air fryers don’t have to be expensive. They’re well worth the money when you consider the potential savings on your energy bills. USwitch recently found that an air fryer will cook chips faster than an oven by six minutes, and it will cook meatballs in 15 minutes less than your oven, too.

    Cyber Monday air fryer deals – quick links

    Cyber Monday air fryer deals 2021

    Cyber Monday air fryer deals are a few days away, but shop early deals with our top pick boxes below.

    Instant Pot Vortex: was £99, now £79 at Amazon
    One of our top picks is now on sale this Cyber Monday. It heats up fast and the dial makes it easy to change temperature and timings.

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    Tower 11L Manual Air Fryer Oven: was £109, now £69 at Very
    This digital air fryer will let you adjust the timings and temperature using easy dials at the top of the machine. Now £40 off at Very – it can rotisserie, too…

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    Philips Viva Collection Airfryer XXL: was £320, now £249 at Amazon
    The Philips Viva Collection Airfryer XXL is Philips’ smartest air fryer, with a dual-zone insert to cook two elements at once, or make the most of the 1.4kg capacity.

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    Tefal ActiFry Genius XL : was £249, now £179 at Amazon 
    With an in-built paddle for stirring chips or fried rice, it doesn’t get much more versatile than the Tefal ActiFry. It’s an expensive pick, so this great discount is a welcome saving.

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    COSORI Air Fryer XXL: was £99.99, now £84.99 at Amazon
    This classic from Cosori is an Amazon favourite. We loved how easy it was to clean, and the basket lifts away with the handle for fat-free pouring.

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    Breville Halo Rotisserie Air Fryer: was £160, now £144 at Amazon
    If you love a roast dinner, look no further than this option from Breville. We tried it, and loved it, for making multi-layered meals with heaps of flavour. It’s like a mini oven.

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    COSORI Air Fryer: was £79.99, now £67.99 at Amazon
    Cosori is known exclusively for its air fryers, but they are very good air fryers and they’re also affordable. Save now on this classic model for under £100.

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    Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker: RRP £199.99, Now £189.99, Amazon
    This incredible  6L kitchen gadget is an air fryer and pressure cooker in one! Winning 4.8 out of 5 stars it’s hitting the right notes for those looking for versatile kitchen appliances to enhance all their cooking needs.

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    Tefal Actifry Genius AH960840 : was £239, now £179 at
    The Tefal ActiFry has truly been the air fryer of the season this Cyber Monday, and we’re blown away by this £60 saving at

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    Should I buy an air fryer?

    Air Fryers aren’t just for people that like fries with everything. Yes, they allow you to cook oil-free chips from frozen – or if you want to use fresh potatoes, you only need just one spoonful of oil. But they do so much more, including many things that would require constant attention if you were cooking them in a pan. Think curries, stir fry ad even risotto. No wonder busy mums and dads love them. 

    Air fryers often come with a dishwasher-safe bowl, lid, and paddle, so there’s little in the way of washing up. And the largest models can cook for six to eight people.

    However, sometimes it pays to go for a smaller, model, especially if you’re not coking for a big family. For example, Tefal’s ActiFry Mini is a compact 600g version that’s perfect for meals for two and won’t hog too much cupboard space. It is 25% faster than its bigger brothers, so you can conjure up a curry or stir-fry in as little as 20 minutes. Set the timer and it will even turn itself off when it’s finished cooking.

    What air fryer brand should I buy?

    Breville Halo Rotisserie Air Fryer

    Some of our favourite air fryers are made by Ninja, but they can be very expensive and we’ve been a little underwhelmed by the Ninja air fryer Cyber Monday deals this year so far. We really recommend Cosori, which is a less known brand that’s available on Amazon and Robert Dyas. When we reviewed the Cosori air fryer it was really impressive when it came to value-for-money. In particular, the speedy preheat times and dishwasher-safe basket won us over.

    Tefal air fryers are a bit unique when compared to many air fryers, especially when it comes to their look. With a more circular design and a bundt-style inside pillar, this fryer can do a lot more than air fry. It has a paddle that’s built into the middle column which keeps food moving when it’s cooking, to make sure it’s cooked evenly. We were particularly wowed by the chips we made in the Tefal air fryer we reviewed, which were so full of flavour and cooked completely hands-free thanks to the paddle.

    Other brands to consider include Instant Brands, which is the brand behind the classic Instant Pot, and Breville, who make amazing toasters and kettles too. The Instant air fryers are very easy to programme and have a reminder to shake midway through any cooking cycle. You can also find them in a range of great colours, as opposed to the typical black shade you’ll find in most market alternatives.

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