Thinking outside the box! The DIY fireplace made to hang Christmas decorations

Thinking outside the box! You'd never guess this fireplace is made out of recycled boxes

That's one way to reuse all those Amazon boxes. Would you ever guess this savvy surround is in fact made of heavy-duty paper?!

The cardboard fireplace is purely decorative of course, made against a wall of wood panelling to create a cosy cabin feel. The quirky idea is that of Darcy Thewlis, who wanted the look and feel of a real fireplace on a budget.

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DIY decorative cardboard fireplace

room with fireplace which is made using cardboard

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Darcy Thewlis)

‘So we’ve just moved in and I wanted a fireplace for Christmas, to hang decorations up. I didn’t have the money to buy one so I made one' Darcy explains to Ideal Home. ‘I had loads of boxes from moving so I used them. We get free local newspapers I had PVA glue already and tester paint pots.’ So she’s created a free fireplace to hanG the Christmas decs from, genius!

Shared on the Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks group on Facebook, where it has so far generated 1.4k likes and had 240 comments. As you'd imagine many of much have been comments of astonishment and admiration for Darcy's brilliant creation.

'Omg wow!!!' writes one. 'Absolutely amazing', 'Very good idea:)' say others.

Another says, feeling inspired, 'This is totally awesome.. well done! Always wanted a fireplace.. this would be the best I could hope for without moving.'

'So clever!! It’s fantastic' exclaims a fellow group member. 'I have no words! What a savvy creative women you are, just wow' reads another supportively.

making process of fireplace

(Image credit: Darcy Thewlis)

'Before looking at the pictures thought it was going to be a Halloween decoration! But wow that's amazing, would never guess its cardboard' says one in surprise.

'I’m literally amazed by this lol brilliant!, could never tell.'

'That’s very clever of you. I thought it was actual brick. Love it' writes one. Going on to helpfully suggest, 'Put some logs in fireplace with some red cellophane paper squashed in between.'

It's safe to say Darcy is wowing the world of social media with her savvy cardboard creation. She has made it clear on her post that she has no intention of using a flame anywhere near it. The cardboard fireplace is purely for show.

making process of cardboard fireplace

(Image credit: Darcy Thewlis)

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A great idea for those wanting to get the look of a winter wonderland this Christmas. Put those home delivery boxes to good use.


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