Hobbycraft reveals the new festive trend that will be taking over our Christmas table

And it's not what you would expect

This year we are ditching all that shimmers and shines, instead the hot new trend is all about creating an eco-friendly Christmas.

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According to Hobbycraft this year all our favourite Christmas trimmings –from the crackers to the wrapping paper – are getting an eco-friendly makeover. We might still be a month away from Christmas but Google has already seen terms such as 'eco-friendly Christmas crackers' and 'eco-friendly Christmas gifts' being seached for over 7,000 times per month.

Eco-friendly Christmas

eco friendly christmas crackers

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

So what exactly does an eco-friendly Christmas cracker looklike? Bespoke and brown is the answer.

Hobbycrafts decorate your own kraft brown fillable crackers are a great environmentally friendly option for the Christmas dinner table. shunning the usual pre-made foil crackers filled with plastic toys. The kit is sold containing only paper hats, jokes and cracker snaps, so can be personalised and filled with bespoke prizes.

Since the launch of its Christmas range in September Hobbycraft has already seen sales of its Decorate Your Own Kraft Brown Fillable Crackers increase by 7 per cent.

Hobbycraft has also found that shoppers are ditching the standard pre-made foil wrapping paper for brown kraft paper. Sales of the plain brown paper are already up 69 per cent on last year.

While wrapping presents in brown paper might sound a little uninspiring, it is infact the perfect way to add a little extra personality under your tree.

Jazz up the plain paper by drawing on small snowflakes in a metallic sharpie, or use a potato stamp to create your own bespoke pattern. If you're running short on time, a quick bow made out of red white string will add a lovely festive twist to the brown kraft paper.

eco friendly christmas gift

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

However, don't worry we aren't giving up the glitter this Christmas, but we are opting for a biodegradable option. Hobbycraft has seen searches for biodegrable glitter continue to rise by 52 per cent.

'We have seen a huge increase in the demand for decorations that can be reused every year as customers are becoming increasingly aware of waste and are looking for ways to reduce waste and find alternative plastic-free solutions,' says Katherine Paterson, customer Director at Hobbycraft. 'The personalisation phenomenon aslo contines, and this year more of our customers will be making their Christmas decorations and reusing them year after year.'

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Will you be trying out the eco-friendly christmas trend this year?

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