Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Strawbridge has launched a fragrance range exclusively at Sainsbury’s

...and it is gorgeous!
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  • Sainsbury’s has given us the opportunity to sprinkle a little Escape to the Chateau magic over our home with The Chateau fragrance range.

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    Sainsbury’s has collaborated with Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Strawbridge to create The Chateau fragrance range. If you are a fan of Escape to the Chateau, this is a collaboration you are not going to want to miss.

    The Channel 4 documentary series is one of our guilty pleasures here at Ideal Home. Ever since the show launched in 2016, we have eagerly followed Angel and Dick Strawbridge, as they buy, renovate and restore their 45-bedroom, 19th-century chateau in the Pays de la Loire.

    The Chateau fragrance range

    We have loved watching Angel Strawbridge infuse the Chateau with her signature vintage style. The return of the Escape to the Chateau this month for its last series coincides with the launch of four floral scents designed by Angel herself.

    The chateau fragrance range

    Image credit: Sainsbury’s/ Angel Strawbridge

    Buy in store: Boxed Glass Candle, £6, Sainsbury’s

    The four scents in the Chateau fragrance range are jasmine flower, delicate sweet pea, opulent tuberose and pretty peony. Each has been inspired by flowers from the Chateau gardens.

    ‘Flowers and their fragrance have been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. When we moved to France, Dick dedicated part of his potagerie to my cutting garden and created a wildflower meadow for me,’ explains Angel. ‘The Chateau is now full of floral arrangement and their wonderful aromas, encapsulated in this evocative range.’

    The chateau fragrance range

    Image credit: Sainsbury’s

    Angel has also sprinkled her vintage magic over the design of The Chateau fragrance range. The range includes a glass candle covered in a gorgeous gold design and a lidded multi-wick candle in a stunning sculptural floral vessel. Both designs draw on a decadent, Art Nouveau style that will stand out on any dressing table or coffee table.

    The chateau fragrance range 3

    Image credit: Sainsbury’s/ Angel Strawbridge

    Buy in-store: Lidded Ceramic Candle, £10, Sainsbury’s

    However, it is the diffuser that has us really excited. If you’ve binge-watched all of the Escape to the Chateau, you’ll know that Angel Strawbridge never does things conventionally.

    Ditching the traditional reed diffuser sticks, The Chateau diffuser emits the fragrance through intricate layered ceramic petals shaped like a rose.

    The chateau fragrance range 4

    Image credit: Sainsbury’s/ Angel Strawbridge

    Buy in-store: Ceramic Diffuser, £10, Sainsbury’s

    Priced at just £10 for the diffuser and lidded ceramic candle and £6 for the glass candle, the collection is an absolute steal.

    The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge collection is available exclusively from Sainsbury’s and in store now.

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    Will you be able to resist scooping up the entire collection?

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