Would you trust your phone to lock your front door?

New keyless SmartLock takes home security to a higher level

Do your teenagers always forget their front door key but seem to remember their mobile phone or maybe you've experienced the frustrations of locking yourself out of the house more than once? Well, Everest thinks they have the answer by throwing away the door key as we know it altogether.

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The Everest SmartLock from Yale is a new keyless gadget fitted to the handle which has four different options for unlocking your doors – a mobile app which you download, a phone tag which you stick on the back of your mobile phone, keycard like you use in a hotel or a keytag like some fancy new car models use.  Up to 50 tags and cards can be paired with each SmartLock - so no more trips to the key-cutter as you can send a virtual key remotely to the cleaner, dog-walker or neighbour via smartphone.

Its technical lock name is the Yale Conexis L1, which works simply by pulling the door closed and lifting the handle, using a multipoint locking system. It plays a short tune to confirm when it is locked and it even has a tamper alarm for added security.

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Everest’s Marketing Director, Martin Troughton, said: “Good home security is fundamental to our sense of well-being and is something that we at Everest take very seriously. We’re constantly testing our doors and windows to ensure they exceed the standards set by the industry and the Police, as well as looking for ways in which we can make improvements."

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At present the system is only available when you purchase a new Everest composite door as an optional extra for £176 and comes fully installed with a 2 year guarantee. Then you need to download the Conexis L1 app from the iOS App Store or Google Play and hey presto no more hiding spare keys under door mats or plant pots - thank goodness.

Visit Everest Smartlock for more information.

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Just make sure you send a virtual key to Santa's iphone at Christmas!

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