Slankets are SO last year: now you can tuck yourself up in the cosy ‘sweater’ chair complete with built-in blanket

One Polish furniture designer has given a whole new meaning to the idea of watching TV in bed - her new 'sweater' chair allows you to wrap yourself up in an in-built blanket

woman sitting on armchair
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Feeling a little chilly during the winter months? Now there's a new concept in furniture design which blurs the boundaries between a chair, a bed and even a quilt!

The wacky design, dubbed the sweater chair, was conceived by Polish designer, Aga Brzostek and features a built-in blanket that you can hide


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under when temperatures drop.

Officially dubbed the Autumn/Winter chair, the concept comes complete with a built-in knitted cover that opens up to become a blanket. Slankets are so last year!

sweater chair

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Brzostek says she wanted to create a sweater you could sit in and her foam-filled chair even uses reclaimed wool for cover. The design also features cosy 'pockets' where you can store items such a ipads and magazines.

'My personal perspective of it is softness, warmth and cosiness, which is
represented by the winter sweater from which it is made out of,' she

girl sitting on armchair

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Will it catch on? Here at Housetohome we're not convinced but we're more than up for testing the new design. But, as a team of cat lovers, we're worried our furry friends would have more fun with it than we would!

Now... where did we put that onesie?

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