Farrow and Ball reveal the on-trend colours for decorating our homes in 2021

Colour expert offers insight into the key colours and how to use them in each room

When it comes to paint colours there's nowhere better to head for inspiration than the team at Farrow & Ball. Experts in the field of pigments the colour specialists set the trends when it comes to decorating. So who better to ask about paint colour trends for the year ahead?

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Farrow & Ball's colour curator Joa Studholme reveals which key colours to covet next year, explaining how best to use each one in our homes.

'Now that we are spending more time in the home, we will be using colours that feel friendly and relatable' Joa explains. 'We want our homes to be places not just for rest and recovery, but also for rejuvenation and inspiration.'

Rich and warm reds

kitchen with wooden flooring and cabinet

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

In challenging times, we crave warm tones that will enrich our homes and create cosy sanctuaries away from the outside world' says Joa. 'Luxurious colours like Preference Red can be added to the most neutral of palettes by using them in rooms we use at the end of the day, when we most want to relax and be comforted.'

'In 2021 we have moved away from dark charcoals and blues and towards the warmer tones of nature, like Deep Reddish Brown and Tanner’s Brown, which are strong and subdued but achingly fashionable' she explains. 'Incredibly chic by day and cosy by night, they bring a grounded but luxurious atmosphere that is thought-provoking as well as soothing, particularly when paired with other hues found in the natural world.'

Clean and timeless blues

bedroom with blue wall and wooden table and chair

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'The blues best suited to anchoring our homes in 2021 are cleaner tones like lively Pitch Blue, fresh Ultra Marine Blue, and the darker, inkier Stiffkey Blue' Joa explains. 'These uncomplicated shades feel familiar, like memories from our childhood, so have a soothing effect in the home despite their cooler undertones.'

On a practical note she suggests,'For a simple but immersive colour experience, use the colour on both walls and woodwork, using Modern Eggshell and Modern Emulsion to create the perfect family environment that is wipeable and scuff-proof!'

'If, however, you want a more formal and traditional feel, then team these blues with All White or Ammonite on the woodwork and they will sing even more. Especially when used in well-lit spaces or on central kitchen islands. However, when used in areas deprived of light or in evening rooms lit by table lamps, they become much richer and more luxurious in feel.'

Natural greens

natural greens with basket and photo frame

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'Bringing the elements of the natural world into our interiors encourages personal growth as well as evoking a feeling of calm. All greens reinforce our connection to nature and create the perfect welcoming start to the journey through your home' she says so eloquently. 'Green's a particularly popular choice for use in hallways, where they cause the rooms off it to feel bigger and lighter. The traditional grey undertone of Treron makes it feel as if it is part of your family, and, like the slightly bluer Green Smoke, it has an irresistibly inviting deepness and weathered familiarity. These are soft, smoky colours that embrace you on your return home.'

'The more olive-coloured Sap Green is perfect for those who want to embrace a stronger colour with a mid-century modern feel, but still stay in touch with nature and benefit from the protective and grounding attributes of using green in the home.'

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Earth Colours

sofa with yellow wall and table lamp

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball / Jannik Martensen-Larsen)

'The palette of colours we want to use in the home has expanded, and we are looking to introduce warmer tones to add personality and elegance – while still remaining comfortable' Joa explains. 'Surrender to the urge to escape and end refuge in the beauty of nature by using the colours of the earth. Soft, understated Jitney is the perfect base colour to build upon, and so is particularly suited to kitchens where we can layer other earth colours on units and islands. To reconnect with the elements of land, clean air, and natural light.'

'The stronger, more mushroom tone of Dead Salmon is just as subtle as Jitney and has an even more aged, earthy look. Making it feel familiar and easy to live with. India Yellow is somewhat stronger and moodier – the perfect colour for 2021 with its mix of aged ease and modern strength.

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Which Farrow & Ball colours are you most coveting for your home in 2021?


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