Transform a dated bunch of faux flowers into a chic centrepiece with this genius hack

Your hallway table will thank you
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  • If you have a bunch of unloved faux flowers lying around you’re house, breathe new life into them with this faux flowers hack.

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    Faux flowers are the perfect secret weapon when styling a home. You get that pop of colour without the wilting blooms or messy specks of fallen pollen.

    However, on the downside, unlike real flowers your hallway table could be stuck with that bloom for the next decade. Tastes and colour schemes change, but this easy hack will allow you to change your faux flowers with them.

    faux flowers hack

    Image credit: Rust-Oleum

    If you are bored of the colour of your current flower arrangement you can give them a quick outfit change with just a can of spray paint. Transform a bunch of pink, white and yellow faux flowers into a gorgeously modern metallic arrangement in just a few easy steps.

    Faux flowers hack – step by step

    1.Give your blooms a light wipe with a wet paper towel and allow them to dry to ensure they are clean before you begin.

    2. Lay some newspaper down in a well-ventilated area before placing the faux flowers down ready to paint.

    faux flowers hack 1

    Image credit: Rust-Oleum

    3. If you are using plastic flowers coat them with a primer such as Rust-Oleum Surface Primer to help bond the spray paint for an even finish.

    4. Take your chosen metallic shade of spray paint, Rust-Oleum does a great selection, we are particular fans of the rose gold.

    faux flowers hack

    Image credit: Rust-Oleum

    5. Holding the can about 30 cm from the flowers, spray them in a steady back and forth motion.

    6. Spray the remaining faux flowers in different metallic shades such as gold and copper. Try layering the colours for an extra dimension.

    faux flowers hack

    Image credit: Rust-Oleum

    7. Standing up in an empty plastic bottle leave the flowers to dry.

    8. Once they are fully dry all that is left is to arrange them in a pretty vase.

    Faux flowers hack

    Image credit: Rust-Oleum

    If metallic colours aren’t your thing try spraying them in bright neon shades for an electric pop of colour in the hallway.

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    Will you be giving your old faux floral centrepiece a colourful update?

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