Introducing the toilet that checks your health – will bathroom visits replace going to the doctor in future?

This eco-friendly toilet is great for the environment and can even tell you if you need to visit your GP

 Did you know that today is World Toilet Day? Nope, neither did we until we found this eco-friendly loo. But yes, rejoice, as health hygiene brand Bloo has released the 'MOT Health Check Toilet' of the future.

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The eco-friendly, health-conscious loo

And what is this MOT health check toilet we hear you cry? Well, to celebrate World Toilet Day, Bloo has commissioned a futurist to explain what we'll be using one day when we need the loo.

Bloo says this is like having a doctor for a toilet, as it can detect harmful diseases and deficiencies by examining human waste.

bathroom with white sink robot and commode

(Image credit: Bloo)

Furthermore, it will check our vitamin and sugar levels and quality of diet. Also, it will tell us when we need a check-up at the doctors.

Potty mouth

 To make it seem even more like the loo of the future, our results will also be shared with our insurance companies to help control the rates we pay. The MOT ‘Health Checker’ system will feature voice recognition, so people will effectively be able to talk with their toilet about their results.

When you sit down, the seat will check heart pulse rates and blood pressure. The toilet also has movement recognition, changing height and seat shape to cater for different bottoms!

It also has self-cleaning capabilities with nano coatings that destroys bacteria on surfaces.

Why the need for a futuristic toilet?

For those who're eco-friendly, rejoice. Leftovers will be recycled to help power the toilet itself. This includes the toilet dryer (instead of using toilet paper), seat heating and sprinkler functions.

It uses minimal water and any it does use will be filtered and recycled. Waste will also be turned into fertiliser for people’s gardens, making the bathroom more eco-friendly.

bathroom with white tiles white walls and sink

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole)

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Did you know that average person spends three years of their life on the toilet, and uses it on average six to eight times a day? With that in mind, Bloo commissioned British Futurist James Wallman, to envisage this loo of the future.

Wallman says that the toilet won't replace the need need to visit their doctors, but argues it will save hours of time waiting in line for a GP.

'We're used to talking to our mobile phones and even Alexa, soon people will also be having toilet talk. This sort of thing is actually possible now – there's already a toilet with Alexa built in,' Wallman says.