Feeling hot, hot, hot! Fun ways to stay cool in the heatwave

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  • Cooling ideas for the next few weeks

    Summer is here!

    Ravers are still washing the Glasto mud out of their hair and wombles are flocking to Wimbledon for the annual tennis tournament. And, finally, the weather has caught us all up – yes, the Great British Heatwave has begun.

    While the tanners among us are raring to go, the heat can get a bit much, especially if you’re entertaining over the summer. But never fear, we have six fun and stylish ways for you and your
    garden guests to stay cool when the weather heats up….

    1. Hang in a hammock

    Nothing says cool cucumber like a lounge in a hammock. Put one up between two trees or sturdy garden posts and drift away in the evening sunshine. Get someone to give you a push and you might even catch a cooling breeze.

    2. Party under a parasol

    Once exclusively plastic fantastic and accompanied by wind breakers on beaches up and down the country, the parasol is making a comeback in British gardens, with very stylish options available from the high street. Either use it to shade your dinner table, or pop one up on the grass and lounge underneath with a good book.

    3. Throw an evening summer do

    Throwing a gathering in the high afternoon sun will never do. Everyone gets ratty, there’s never enough shade and guests are too hot to eat. Instead, invite guests over for after 5pm, and throw an evening bbq with lots of gorgeous outdoor lighting displays.

    4. Enjoy water water everywhere

    A cooling water feature – or even a pool – is the ultimate summer living dream. But if you don’t have room for one in your garden, there are plenty of ways to make your own temporary cooler. Kids love paddling pools, so the easiest way to keep everyone happy is to fill one up and let them dive in. I have such fond memories of water assault courses as a child – several baby baths filled with shallow water to hop in, hop out throughout the garden. If you’re feeling brave, there are only two words you know: Water. Fight.

    5. Terrific teepees

    A colourful teepee screams festival fun, and you can sit back in the shade with a cooling cocktail, safe in the knowledge that you’re much cleaner than anyone sitting in a tent at an actual British festival.

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