Kitchen whizz or secret wizard? Baker makes amazing Hogwarts gingerbread house

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  • Feast your eyes on this magical gingerbread masterpiece

    Gingerbread season may be at an end, but we have a feeling you’ll still have a soft spot for this magical one.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Gingerbread House.

    The amazing baker that is @louisesiuol posted the magical images of her Hogwarts gingerbread castle on her Imgur page – to a huge response.

    Toppling above a bed of rocks, the school is staged in a winter scene of icicle drippings and snow-dusted Christmas trees. Giant wreaths are pinned across the buildings and are adorned with tiny gold baubles making it a doppelganger for the real deal.

    The project took an entire week to bake and build ‘and then another week to clean up the kitchen’, according to Louise.

    The detail of the finished castle is truly spellbinding. Tiers of tiny, tiled roof slates slot against one another like perfect puzzle pieces above the turns and twirls of princess towers and the gothic-style Great Hall.

    All of the windows and walkways have been cut by hand and then re-baked with crushed, boiled sweets inside to replicate stained glass windows straight from the castle.

    Various clocks, including an incredible astronomical wonder, hang above the beautiful bridge. All that’s missing is a mini Hermione running to a lecture with books spilling above her arms.

    You will have never seen anything like this in the muggle world!

    To have the skill (and patience) for something like this is unimaginable – she must be a wizard…

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