Could this retro appliance be about to make a big comeback?

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  • They were one of the coolest things in the 1980s... literally!

    Blame shows like Stranger Things and Glow, but it seems we can’t get enough of the 1980s at the moment. Fashion trends like scrunchies and crop tops are already cool again, it seems appliances are having a similar renaissance. First it was the slow cooker, then the waffle maker, and now we’re set for a chest freezer comeback!

    Same goes for this! We’ve spent years ripping them out of our bathrooms – but now they’re back!

    Leading the charge is Hoover, which claims that ‘more and more people are using chest freezers to supplement main freezer space’. And we think they might be right. Here are four reasons why.


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    1. It will save you money

    Take a look online and you’ll soon notice, that pound for pound, a chest model offers more cooling for less than other types of freezer. You’ll also find them just as – if not more – energy efficient than your current freezer, which means they’re cheap to run over time. It’s one way that chest freezers have moved on from the power guzzlers of the past! Look for a rating of A+ or more to notice a drop in your bills.

    2. You can cut down on top-up shops


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    You can never underestimate anything that might save that most precious of things – time. We’d rather be watching love Island, playing with the kids or squeezing in a session at the gym than taking yet another trip to the supermarket. With a chest freezer at your disposal, you can do one big shop for enough food to last a fortnight or more. Squeeze in everything from ice cream to frozen veg and fish to barbecue fare, and feed your family for weeks at a time.

    3. You’ll throw away far less food

    Do you ever find yourself throwing away half-eaten loaves of bread or leftover lasagne because you can’t find a space for them in the freezer? You won’t have that issue with a chest freezer, as there’s always room for more. Did you know you can freeze cake, soup, fruit, even wine? Pour that half bottle of Sauvignon into ice cube trays, to be used the next time you’re cooking a risotto or casserole.

    4. You can see what’s in there using an app on your phone


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    OK, so that won’t apply to EVERY chest freezer out there. But Hoover’s new range has a compatible app that lets you record the freezer contents and expiry dates, so you can easily check what you already have as you’re browsing the aisles of Aldi, Sainsbury’s or Asda. it will also give you tips on food storage, and let you know if there’s something wrong.

    So what do you think? Do you think the return of the big freeze is on?

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