We’ve spent years ripping them out of our bathrooms – but now they’re back!

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  • The reports of this bathroom basic's death have been greatly exaggerated

    Today, we come baring bathroom news – and it’s certainly surprised us. The latest figures from Victorian Plumbing suggest that the bidet is back in fashion. After more than 30 years in the wilderness, during which many have gone the same way as avocado bathroom suites and those scary doll loo roll covers, sales are rising. Year on year, they’re up a massive 44 per cent.

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    Now we come to think of it, there are a few reasons why the market is ‘flushed with success’. The first that springs to mind is that freshening up with water rather than paper is both more hygienic and better for the environment. Figures from the World Wide Fund for Nature suggest that around 27,000 trees’ worth of toilet paper is either flushed down the loo or brought to landfill sites every day.


    Another is the boom in all-in-one WCs-cum-bidets that shower your nether regions at your preferred pressure and temperature, then use air to dry them. Some even have heated seats, to save you from the shock of a cold ceramic seat on a cold morning.

    Our pick is this new Tuma Classic model from Geberit, which has a gentle, unique-to-the-market oscillating spray, and a super-hygienic rim-free pan. It’s the work of the talented Christoph Behling, who previously designed TAG Heuer watches.

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    ‘We’ve seen a notable increase in searches for Japanese-style toilets, so it’s certainly linked,’ admits Mark Lamb, Digital PR Executive at Victorian Plumbing.

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    However, Mark also believes there’s still a place for the traditional bidet. ‘Although they’ve long been misunderstood, and still (mis)used by most Brits as an effective way off getting rid of sandy toes after a day at the beach, their cachet is rising,’ he says.’With separate bidets, customers have more choice over style. ‘Especially those looking to evoke a more classic or traditional look, where a more contemporary all-in-one bidet toilet won’t always gel.’

    So are you ready to bring back the bidet? Or do you think its glory days are behind it?!


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