We ask experts if this hot water radiator cleaning hack is safe

Mrs Hinch's fans are recommending this hot water hack to get rid of dust
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  • Cleaning fans have shared a radiator cleaning hack that involves pouring hot water down the middle. A bucket or towel is placed underneath to catch the water.

    Knowing how to clean your radiator is a must to prevent a build-up of dust. We asked experts if this hot water radiator cleaning hack is one to avoid.

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    Hot water radiator cleaning hack

    On Facebook group Mrs Hinch cleaning tips and tricks, one cleaning fan shared a before and after shot of her radiator. ‘Thank you to whoever suggested cleaning radiators with hot water,’ she writes.

    ‘We live in a student house and our allergies have been awful since we’ve been using the heating a lot.’ We asked UK Radiators whether it’s safe to clean your radiator’s fins with hot water.

    The director, Daniel Nezhad says this would only be safe on a wet system, and should not be tried on anything electric or dual fuel. ‘Radiators are metal and designed to handle hot water, so it is safe – you won’t damage it or impair its functionality,’ Daniel explains.

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    ‘BUT, not all paint is designed to take boiling water directly, so there is a risk it could strip or damage the surface coating.’ The UK Radiators director also says surface damage caused by doing this could be considered misuse, depending on your manufacturer’s warranty terms.

    Therefore, warm water would be preferable to water straight from the kettle. Daniel also says you should avoid using any detergents whatsoever. Even light detergents can react with paint if not properly removed.

    You’d also need to be very careful of any plug sockets, your own safety, and your flooring. Sounding a little more trouble than it’s worth? We think so.

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    Image credit: The Radiator Company

    Andrew Collinge, heating product manager at BestHeating agrees with Daniel that this hot water radiator cleaning hack is safe to try. He says clearing out dust may even mean you save money on your heating bills.

    Speaking of which, this TikTok tin foil radiator hack might help keep the coldest room in your house warm. Andrew’s word of warning is to make sure the radiators are turned off before trying it.

    Personally, we think using a long-handled radiator brush, £9.99 at Amazon, is a much safer bet. If you’re concerned about your heating bills, make sure you know how to bleed a radiator to keep them running efficiently.

    Would you try this hack?

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