Ikea's latest launch is music to our ears

The Swedish homeware giant has just announced its first-ever range of Bluetooth speakers

You can buy pretty much anything for the home at Ikea. A new sofa, a smart phone-charging lamp, a cuddly skateboard and, erm, blue cheese. But before today, that long list didn't include much in the way of audio products. Cue the introduction of Eneby – Ikea's first-ever range of Bluetooth speakers.

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white room with bluetooth speakers and potted plant

(Image credit: Ikea)

The speakers come in two sizes – 20 x 20cm and 30 x 30cm – the larger size being the perfect fit for Ikea's Kallax and Eket storage systems. Alternatively you can mount the speakers on stand, fix them to the wall with a bracket, or simply sit them on a kitchen countertop.

You can currently choose from two colours – grey and white, and black, from which we're struggling to pick a favourite. The grey might just edge it, if only because it reminds us of a similar and much more expensive Vifa speaker.

Buy now: Eneby 30 x 30cm Bluetooth speaker in White/Grey, £80, Ikea

white shelves with black bluetooth speaker

(Image credit: Ikea)

As always, Ikea has gone for a simple yet stylish design. Press the single knob to turn the speaker on or off, and turn it to adjust the volume, bass and treble.

Buy now: Eneby 30 x 30cm Bluetooth speaker in Black, £80, Ikea

If you're an outdoorsy type, the smaller version comes with a handle, and can be fitted with a battery pack so that you can carry it out into the garden, and beyond.

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white table with black bluetooth speaker and glass plant

(Image credit: Ikea)

Buy now: Eneby 20 x 20cm Bluetooth speaker in Black, £45, Ikea

Evanthia Nikoglou is the sales leader for lighting and electronics at Ikea UK and Ireland. 'The new ENEBY range is incredibly exciting for us,' she says. 'Sound, just like light, is an important part of creating atmosphere within the home. It is able to bring a space to life and give it soul, which is why we’ve turned our attention to sound and created IKEA’s first-ever speakers.'

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