IKEA is launching a new child-safe furniture range

Safer storage is coming to a store near you soon...

This week IKEA announced the launch of a new family friendly range of storage solutions with key stability features. The new IKEA Glesvar range will feature chests of drawers and dressers, all designed to provided a greater sense of safety in our homes.

The new pieces are tailor-made to avoid the most fearful of all serious safety issues – falling furniture.

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These new furniture pieces will have new improved stability features, such as interlock with unlock function and forced wall attachments.

'Incident data and statistics tells us that several of the tip over incidents happen when all drawers are pulled out at the same time and the centre of gravity shifts,' explains Vladimir Brajkovic, Head of Range and Product Engineering at IKEA Range & Supply.

'With the interlock-function we hope to decrease the risk of furniture tip-over. However, we at IKEA still believe that the safest way to prevent tip over incidents is to attach the furniture to the wall'.

The up-and-coming IKEA Glesvar range

ikea red cabinet with drawers and black and grey background

GLESVAR chest of drawers coming to IKEA

(Image credit: Ikea)

Furniture tip overs are set to be a thing of the past thanks to these new safety features, designed to decrease this nightmare hazard.

The shocking statistics of falling furniture causing accidents, even fatalities in the home lead IKEA to tirelessly test and develop stability innovations – in collaboration with customer focus groups.

Based on the feedback the design team have designed the Glesvar range. These new chests of drawers from the range features stability design features such as interlock with unlock function or forced wall attachment.

The new interlock with unlock function allows only one drawer to open at a time, until it is attached to the wall. Then the interlock function unlocks and all drawers can be open simultaneously.

red cabinet with black and grey background with grey flooring

(Image credit: Ikea)

The new new furniture range is sold with a forced wall attachment feature. This prevents you from opening any of the drawers until it is securely attached to the wall.

'Product safety is always a top priority at IKEA,' Vladimir goes on to explain. 'It is a precondition to fulfil our vision to create a better everyday life for the many people, it is the core of our democratic design process. With that at heart we have invested heavily in innovation, product development and testing over the years. We have a history of finding innovative solutions to improve safety and health for the customer.'

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The new Glesvar range is planned to be on sale from this October, in the UK and Germany first.

The announcement was made at this week's IKEA Democratic Design Days 2019. The event is hosted in Almhult, Sweden – the home of the original IKEA store back in 1943.


IKEA explains, 'the annual global media event celebrates all that is unique about the IKEA Democratic Design process, which is based on five pillars: Form, Function, Quality, Sustainability and Affordability. Every single product that IKEA produces must meet these five pillars. The event is a global platform for launching exciting collaborations and collections'.


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