Ikea launches sustainable kitchen made out of recycled plastic PET-bottles and reclaimed wood

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  • Looking for a new kitchen? Thanks to Ikea's new launch you can now choose a kitchen that not only looks stylish, but also helps the environment

    Being mindful of the impact we have on the environment has never been more relevant than it is in today’s modern society. ‘What we do at Ikea has a big impact on the environment due to the large quantities we produce, and by using recycled materials, we can create products which are more environmentally-friendly and sustainable’, says Anna Granath, product developer at Ikea.

    Plastic drinks bottles are made using polyethylene therephalate which despite being recyclable, so often end up in landfills and wasteland. Ikea has developed a process whereby this PET waste, 25 half litre bottles to be precise is used to create a plastic foil which coats reclaimed wood to make the sustainable kungsbacka kitchen fronts.

    Kungsbacka drawer fronts, £11 for two

    Nowadays it’s as much about what the cupboard doors have in them as it is about the organic health-conscious produce housed behind them. ‘The new Kungsbacka range is a start in turning everyday waste into beautiful furniture.’ says David Vine, IKEA UK & Ireland Kitchens Business Leader. ‘Today, 90% of waste created in the kitchen is recycled but few think about the kitchen itself, we hope that the launch of this range will help people to think about the materials that are in their home furnishings and create a more sustainable home setting.’

    Kungsbacka doors, £33, each

    The new kitchen fronts are currently available in on-trend matte-look anthracite black, with potential to introduce additional colours, such as white, in the not too distance future. Like all Ikea kitchen fronts, the Kungsbacka range has a 25-year guarantee and is suitable for the METOD cabinets; making it easier to update your existing kitchen.

    The on-trend black matt-look black will add a modern feel to your home and give you piece of mind that it’s made using recycled materials.

    Kungsbacka cover panels, £30 each

    A core future focus for Ikea is to increase the share of recycled materials; looking into new ways to re-use all manner of materials, from paper and foam to plastic and foil. Yes, you read that right!

    This initiative marks just the beginning of the sustainability agenda, with more sustainable products to launch in August 2017 – watch this space for the next instalment of environmentally-friendly products.

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