Create your very own Hollywood mirror with this IKEA light bulb hack

Even Marilyn Monroe will be jealous

Have you ever dreamed of perfecting a cat's eye or a Veronica wave in front of an old Hollywood style light bulb mirror? Well, you can finally fulfil that fantasy with this IKEA light bulb mirror hack.

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Lightbulb mirrors will always hold an old Hollywood appeal. However, they are also a must-have for any makeup fanatic, helping you to sculpt and blend with precision – there is a reason they’re still used backstage at fashion shows and Strictly Come Dancing.

IKEA light bulb mirror hack

room with red wall and mirror with bulbs on wall

(Image credit: Mats Ekdahl IKEA)

Buy now: LEDSJÖ LED wall lamp, £40, IKEA

While there are plenty of small and affordable LED make up mirrors on the market. Recreating a lightbulb dressing table mirror worthy of Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland can set you back well over £200.

However, this IKEA light bulb mirror hack will cost you just half of this. All you need is an old mirror and two LEDSJÖ IKEA light fittings.

Priced at £40 the LEDSJÖ lights are made up of five LED light bulbs that can be mounted around a dressing table or bathroom mirror.

They are safe to use in a bathroom, and more importantly, offer a soft glare-free light perfect for applying your make-up.

When the statement light fitting was featured on the brands Instagram, fans were itching to recreate the look. The post quickly clocked up 5,529 likes and 49 comments.

One shopper commented: ‘Soooooo bathroom glamour.’ While another told her friend: ‘If our bathroom doesn’t end up like this, I’m moving out.’

Use two of these light fittings either side of a mirror for a statement look in the bathroom. Or go the whole hog and surround a mirror with these lights.

Be sure to use an authorized electrician to install the light fittings. While we love a DIY hack,  some things that are best left to the professionals.

music wall lamp on wall with steel body

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Buy now: Music Wall Lamp, £18, IKEA

If you are don’t have £40 to spare or an electrician to hand, opt instead for the MUSIK wall lamp. Priced at £18, they are a little smaller but can be hung horizontally or vertically. More importantly, you can hang them yourself.

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Will you be embracing your inner silver screen siren and trying out this IKEA light bulb mirror hack?

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