Ikea reveals that 38 per cent of Brits buy the wrong-size Christmas tree… but there’s a solution!

Make sure you don't make the same mistake with the new tree-sizing feature in the Ikea Place app

Have you ever bought what you thought was the perfect tree? Rich in colour, lush in foliage and beautifully proportioned for hanging your prized decorations. But, then you got  home to find the blasted thing didn't fit in your designated tree space?!! Urrrgghh, how annoying! Well, you are not alone. Ikea has just released stats that over a third of Brits have done the very same thing. Yes, 38 per cent admit to buying the wrong sized tree – either too big or too small.

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room white wall background christmas tree around gifts

(Image credit: Ikea. Erm - this one actually fits perfectly!)

When it comes to Christmas tree fails, 35 per cent of Brits confess to buying a tree that is too big for their room. However more people suffer the fate of ‘small tree syndrome’, with 41% having bought a tree that is too small to take pride of place in the home.

Real tree lovers can now relax as Ikea is helping take the stress out of finding a the perfect tree that fits. Its solution is to add Christmas trees to its augmented reality (AR) app, Ikea Place.

What's the Ikea AR app?:  Ikea has just launched the app we’ve all been waiting for

picture of christmas tree in phone

(Image credit: Ikea)

The IKEA Place app automatically scales products – including the Christmas trees – based on room dimension. It does so with 98 per cent accuracy, allowing customers to experiment with the tree placement in their home, and visualize how the tree will complement what is already in the space. In addition to digitally placing IKEA products in a room, the app allows people to capture the look in the app and share as an image or video with friends.

room with gray wall and door christmas tree gifts on wooden floor

(Image credit: Ikea)

The new feature of the app will not only let people check out the trees and ‘try before they buy’, but IKEA’s much anticipated Christmas tree offer is back for a fifth year, giving all customers a £20 voucher when they buy a £25 tree – cutting the overall cost of having a locally sourced real Christmas tree to an incredible £5*.

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The new feature is set to go live on the Ikea Place App from 30th November 2017.


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