IKEA's Sagoskatt range turns kids' drawings of their imaginary friends into real toys

All the profits go to charity!

Cute alert! You know those barmy but brilliant pictures the kids draw of their imaginary friends? The ones that take pride of place on the fridge? Well, IKEA is turning them into real toys. Meet the latest range of IKEA SAGOSKATT cuddly toys.

The range, SAGOSKATT, has been conjured up by children from all corners of the globe as part of Ikea's annual Soft Toys Drawing Competition, now in its fifth year. And will be available in-store and online from November. Profits from the sales of the IKEA SAGOSKATT cuddly toys will be donated to Barnardo's UK.

colourful sagoskatt cuddly toys with cardboard castle

(Image credit: Ikea)

The ten winning designs were thought up by winners aged between five and 101years of age, and picked from more than 87,000 entries. Each one is an exact copy of the original drawing – so be prepared for wonky smiles, missing limbs and some interesting colour choices! The new cast of characters features everything from a Party Mouse to a Superhero Cucumber, why don't we meet the whole gang...

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IKEA SAGOSKATT cuddly toys

green sagoskatt cuddly toy with cardboard castle

(Image credit: Ikea)

Gurki the superhero cucumber was thought up by Kilian, aged 9, from Germany. Speaking about his creation Killian says: 'I love to eat cucumbers and hope that by playing with Gurki, other children will love to eat cucumbers too. I wanted to try something new and hope that Gurki will be a superhero for many children.'

Coming soon: SAGOSKATT Gurki, £5, IKEA

sagoskatt cuddly blue toy

(Image credit: Ikea)

Nine-year-old Thomas from Greece has created a little monster to protect your little one as they sleep, and keep the things that go bump in the night at bay. 'I made a smiley monster that's ready to give children hugs so that they are not afraid of monsters or the dark anymore,' says Thomas.

Coming soon: SAGOSKATT Little Monster, £5, IKEA

sagoskatt cuddly yellow toy with cardboard frame

(Image credit: Ikea)

Being a bit different is never a bad thing, especially when what makes you different is being covered in rainbows. 6-year-old Claudia from Canary Islands created a mischievous Rainbow Giraffe, with a fondness for healthy food. 'I have drawn a giraffe that’s not like the rest. It’s a bit different. Rainbow Giraffe eats healthy food. She’s a bit mischievous and very loving. I hope that kids will play nice with her, that they will treat her well and feed her and give her water,' says Claudia.

Coming soon: SAGOSKATT Rainbow Giraffe, £5, IKEA

sagoskatt cuddly grey toy with cardboard frame

(Image credit: Ikea)

No crew would be complete without the party loving, fun character, and that's were Jesse the balloon loving party mouse comes in, created by Noor, aged 7-year-old, from Jordan. 'Jesse loves playing with children and I want the kids to play with Jesse and their other toys so that they become like a family,' says Noor.

Coming soon: SAGOSKATT Jesse the Party Mouse, £5, IKEA

sagoskatt cuddly red toy with cardboard frame

(Image credit: Ikea)

This robot loves to read, sing and dance. If you were wondering wether you should be picking this toy up for either your son or your daughter, stop worrying. 11-year-old Riana from Cyprus who created Rully the bookish robot says: 'I made it in neutral colours so that both boys and girls can play with it.'

'My robot likes to do everything. It likes to help with housework, to draw, to sing, to dance and to be entertaining. It also knows how to write, read and play music. It’s made for both small children and children my age,' adds Riana.

Coming soon: SAGOSKATT Rully the Robot, £5, IKEA

colourful sagoskatt cuddly toy with cardboard frame

(Image credit: Ikea)

We've saved the most adorable creation for last. A Rainbow Kid in socks, created by five-year-old Darren Wing Her, from Hong Kong. ' I love the rainbow in the sky so much. But I’m afraid that maybe the rainbow will feel cold up there. So, I drew socks for the rainbow to stay warm,' says Darren.

Coming soon: SAGOSKATT Rainbow Kid, £5, IKEA

“We believe in the power of creativity and play. Whether it’s drawing a soft toy, creating characters or dressing up - when children play, they learn, grow and develop,' says Bodil Fritjofsson, Product Developer for Children’s IKEA.'We love the imagination of children, which is why we’ve loved creating this range that will help enable a more playful life at home, for kids and adults alike.'

'It’s fantastic that this campaign is all about children. Young people have designed the toys, they will be the ones to play with them, and money raised by selling the toys will help Barnardo’s change the lives of vulnerable children across the UK,' adds Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan.

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All of the  IKEA SAGOSKATT soft toys will be available for £5 for a full size toy, and £1.25 for the mini version. 100 per cent of the proceeds will be donated to Barnado's and their work supporting vulnerable children in the UK.

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