Ikea is letting stray dogs find shelter at THIS store – and the pictures are so heartwarming!

Have that box of tissues on standby...

There's nothing more we love than a feel good story. And when it involves our four-legged friends, our heartstrings get a second pull.

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Both of these boxes were recently ticked when news emerged that an Italian branch of Swedish homeware giant Ikea had thrown open its doors to stray dogs in a search of a place to lay their heads.

The city of Catania – on Sicily's eastern coast – had experienced torrential rainfall which led to serious flooding over the past two weeks. Knowing that the area's homeless dogs would be overwhelmed by the deluge, an Ikea store allowed the presumably morose mutts some respite by enabling them to find shelter amongst its displays.

The good deed came to the attention of world when a video of a contented pair of doggies taking nap in a mock living room set up was shared on Facebook by Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli.

Filmed by Vittoria's daughter, the now viral video has already attracted more than 1 million views. In it she can be heard saying: 'Mum, look how sweet! In Ikea, they are giving shelter to strays.'

The Gazzetta del Sud newspaper confirmed that 'store staff let the strays wander around the aisles' and that the move had been met with approving nods from customers.

Since that date, pet lovers have taken to social media to share their own in-store snaps, and they've received scores of positive comments in response.

These dogs have swerved the furnishings in favour of the floor. Commenting on the pic, one person simply wrote: 'THANK YOU IKEA CATANIA'

Is that a dog bed we can spy? If so, it seems that this little doggy was so pooped that he caught some much needed shut eye on the super soft rug rather than make that extra stretch to it. That hint of a sleepy smile seems to have really touched the hearts of commentators.

One said: 'This is so wonderful... love it'

While another added: 'Wonderful! Poor lovely dogs...'

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What do you think of this IKEA store's initiative?