Love Ikea? Enough to embrace its latest wacky collection?

We all love our sofas, right, but is dressing like them a step too far?

Can you picture yourself following the arrows wearing an Ikea suit? The homeware giant has teamed up Saville Row tailor, William Hunt, to create quirky suits using Ikea fabrics. This latest collaboration gives a whole new meaning to owning an Ikea wardrobe!

The imaginative partnership hopes to encourage shoppers to express their personalities in their home. The suits demonstrate how customers can simply and affordably use textiles to dress their homes, as they would dress themselves.

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'We’re seeing an increasing number of people playing it safe when it comes to decorating and furnishing their home. When the home can act as a canvas for self-expression, why keep things beige and boring?' says Carol McSeveny, Textiles Leader, IKEA UK & Ireland.

'People use fabric in fashion to show off their personality and we want people to replicate this in their home through textiles. We are excited to be working with William Hunt, as he is the ultimate “maverick with fabric”. He has demonstrated, through the Ikea suits, how textiles can be used to express yourself in your home.'

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The suits have been created using Sofia, Rosenrips, Nedja and Kungslilja fabrics. They're already used on existing Ikea products including Poang chairs, Stocksundt sofas and bedding ranges.

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25 per cent of 16 million Brits admit they don’t feel confident enough to express their personality with their home decor. 59 per cent claimed it was a result of not knowing how to include colour and patterns to suit their style. While 21 per cent blamed not knowing what is on trend. Being worried what others think was the honest feedback of 10 per cent.

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The daring collaboration hopes to alter the continued popularity of white and beige products. 82 per cent of customers name neutral tones as the most likely colours they buy for their home.

The remarkable suits are not for general sale, but a limited number are up for grabs via an online Ikea competition.

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Fashion choices allow individuals to express themselves and their personality, with particular characteristics reflected through a variety of clothing styles. Why shouldn't our homes do the same.

'I love the idea of people embracing fashion and style by taking it into their homes.' exclaims William Hunt. 'Our partnership with Ikea is important as we are encouraging the public to push themselves just a little, to show off their character in their own homes.

'We at William Hunt create heroes out of ordinary men and women through our suits. The Ikea suits create heroes out of everyday textiles and furniture'.

If anyone can persuade us to have our homes suited and booted this season, it's Ikea.


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