IKEA has launched a candle that smells just like a freshly mown lawn

IKEA has launched 8 new scents to bring the scent of the outdoors into your home

IKEA has launched a new sustainable home fragrance collection designed to conjure the scent of the great outdoors, including the scent of fresh grass.

IKEA certainly knows how to produce stylish Scandinavian-style flat-pack furniture. So, we will forgive you if you are surprised to learn they have a whole home fragrance department too. From scented candles to potpourri, IKEA has been quietly squirrelling away and developing delicious home fragrances for some time.

When we heard about their most recent launch of scented candles inspired by the outdoors we couldn't wait to get our noses in gear to experience the nature-loving essences. Eight new scents promise a sensory atmosphere and best home fragrance that conjures up the outdoor lifestyle.

room with glass candle and white wall

(Image credit: IKEA)

The collection has been created with an elegant Scandinavian design in mind. It replaces their current ''gourmet scents' IKEA home fragrances and will focus on nature.

New IKEA sustainable home fragrance range

Each scent is especially designed to be a perfect match for different life at-home activities. They echo and evoke Scandinavia's nature and landscapes - beautiful meadows, forests, and greenery. HEDERSHAM, which went on sale this month, is one candle we're particularly excited about. It has been designed to smell like fresh grass and will only cost you £5.

room with glass candle and flower vase

(Image credit: IKEA)

However, if the scent of a mown lawn doesn't get you excited,  you can choose from STÖRTSKÖN, which draws on hints of sweet berries. JÄMLIK  has vanilla notes and JÄMNMOD offers up the scent of sweet pea. LUGNARE focuses on the scent of refreshing jasmine and AVMÅLA has a distinctive crisp mint aroma.

'We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to embrace and to continue to personalise their spaces in an affordable way which focuses on wellbeing first', says Karin Gustavsson, Range and Product Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden AB.

Isle Crawford X IKEA candle range

Two of the signature scents which will go on sale in July have been created in partnership with interior furniture designer and long term IKEA collaborator, Ilse Crawford. The scents of ADLAD and ENSTAKA are both are rooted in wood. One focuses on the scent of Scandinavian forests, the other of smokey bonfires that reflect on our need for warmth.

living room with glass candle and side table

(Image credit: IKEA)

'There is something that is forever grounding in nature. We wanted to bring the instinctive memory of nature – particularly of trees and forests – back into our homes, through scents – particularly for those of us around the world who live in dense cities and don’t have immediate access to the outdoors,' explains Ilse Crawford.

Ilse Crawford designed the glass and ceramic containers with sustainability in mind, so each container is re-usable after the candle is finished. 'The containers are elemental objects that we can use every day. They are beautiful and affordable. They are special because of their materiality size and tactility,' she says.

'Above all, they can be reused later – creating a ‘second life’ beyond its first use – as a penholder, food container, bathroom storage.'

The candles themselves are made from plant-based materials such as soy wax, shea butter, and rapeseed oil. They have a burn cycle of approximately 12-60 hours.


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