Ikea reveals its most popular products ever

We all have Ikea furniture in our homes – but do you have one of the top-three Ikea buys?

ikea store with blue walls and blue sky

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We bet that many of you home-loving readers have at least one (if not all three) of these big sellers. Swedish interiors giant Ikea knows how to make great furniture. Classy, simple and timeless – what’s not to like? Exactly! So it’s no wonder the stylish Scandi designs have captured our hearts and are proudly gracing many of our homes.

If you have a Poang armchair, Billy bookcase or Lack table, you’re in good company, as these are Ikea’s most popular products ever. And with each of the three designs dating back to the 70s, it’s safe to say that demand remains strong. No mean feat when you consider how much home trends have moved on since the decade of avocado bathrooms and chintzy wallpapers. It just goes to show that simple truly is best!

For those of you who might be unfamiliar or just want to enjoy these great pieces all over again, here’s a little summary of the best-buy key facts.

1 Poang armchair

With more than 30 million chairs sold since its launch in 1976, the Poang armchair has become a great classic that offers excellent quality at a fab price. Comfy and stylish, the chair comes with a huge choice of covers and colours, so it’s easy to update when you want a change – ideal for the indecisive among us! Models are available from just £55 up to £195 for a pimped-up real-leather version. This rocking red chair is £100.

white chair with red cushions

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2 Billy bookcase

We’re big fans of storage at Ideal Home, so the Billy bookcase is a product we’re very familiar with. From just £25, Billies make it super easy to keep things tidy and it’s not just about finding a space for your books. They’re also great for displaying photos or holding storage boxes that disguise all kinds of clutter. More than 4.5 million are made each year, and it’s easy to see why.

grey wooden book shelves

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3 The Lack table

From just £5, the bargainous Lack was designed in 1979 so that it would look the part in any room scheme. Its simple board-on-frame construction was created with the help of a door supplier and its minimalist look is still super popular all these years on.

white coloured wooden table

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How many do you have, we wonder? All three?