James Bond villain’s Moroccan abode is on the market for a lethal £2.8 million

Spectre villain's home on the market for a lethal £2.8 million, but it's certainly to die for

If you are one of the many who helped Spectre break the British box office record then you will understand what we mean when we say this film has outrageous architectural style.

A ferocious property portfolio of palaces and discreet abodes around the globe ensures Bond and his crew are living in luxury.

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Throughout the movies, we are taken from Mexico to London, Austria to Rome all in true Bond style - from the seat of an Austin Martin equipped with Q's gadgets whilst staying in spots even the Queen can't rival.

Now, you could get a taste of the Bond bonanza as the villa inhabited by villain Ernest Stavro Blofeld is on the market with realtor Emile Garcin - but only if you've got £2.8 million sitting in the bank.

Yes, the futuristic abode visited by James and his right hand Bond girl was not destroyed by the on screen explosion, thank the lord!

Whilst manipulated to look like a pad in the middle of the Moroccan desert in Spectre, the property actually lies in the Marrakesh countryside.

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The 20,000 sq ft lot is complete with three large bedrooms, a fitness centre, pool and air conditioning throughout, plus an additional three beds in the separate guesthouse.

Designed by architect Imad Rhamouni and built in 2006, the modern home is a large, sandy coloured box fitted with open spaces and glass walls to create a fluidity that rolls from the Atlas Mountain range through the house and out to the sleek, square pool.

Pockets of water outlets are found throughout the grounds to create a continuous relationship with the natural elements - wind and water.

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To complete the Bond villain property collection, Mr.
White's home from Casino Royale, the pad in which James shots him in the closing scene, is on the market for an ‘undisclosed price'.

If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it...

Teetering on the edge of a hill overlooking the flawless Lake Como, this medieval looking castle has been divided into apartments and the two-bed, two-bath flat for sale occupies 861 square feet of the mansion. Finished with a private mooring spot, we can only hope that James pops in for a tea some time.

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