Kirstie Allsopp sparks controversy after admitting to ironing this household item – do you iron yours?

'To iron or not to iron'

Kirstie Allsop has sparked another homeware debate after confessing that she irons her tea towels in a recent post on Twitter. The tea towel ironing debate has divided public opinion, with Ruth Langsford even weighing in.

The debate took off on Twitter after the 'Location, Location, Location' presenter posted a photo of her ironing board covered in a pile of neatly stacked tea towels. The original caption read 'I mustn’t waste time baiting them, I have ironing to do.' 

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The simple photo sparked a full-blown heated debate over whether you should iron your tea towels or not. 'Oh God, this could get far, far nastier than a few Tracy haters. The “to iron or not to iron” sheets debate is a minefield,' wrote Kirstie.

Tea towel ironing debate

Many twitter users were appalled at the idea of ironing tea towels. 'Please tell me you’re not ironing tea towels?!?!' wrote one user.

'Now this *is* a problem Ms Allsopp! Ironing tea towels!!!,' commented another. 

With one Twitter user adding: 'Kirstie! Really? Tea towels? Life is just too short!'

iron on the table and cloths

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However, many of Kirstie's followers were all in favour of ironing tea towels. 'Are those tea towels? I got told off at lunch one day by colleagues when I said I ironed them. The outrage was palpable. I'd no idea it could be controversial,' wrote one tea towel ironing fan. 

'I'm pleased to see that you iron tea towels,' commented another.

 Many of Kirstie's followers even expressed ironing board envy: 'Is it wrong to admit I have ironing board envy? Not that I ever iron anymore, but maybe if I had that board I might be tempted!'

 She revealed in follow up tweets that she likes to iron her tea towels because it is therapeutic and creates order. She added that she has been doing it since she moved into her first home, and the only tea towels that are saved from her iron are waffle-fabric ones.

kirstie allsopp

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Even Ruth Langsford and Eamon Holmes on This Morning have waded in on the debate, with Ruth confessing that she ironed her tea towels for a very sweet reason. 'I iron tea towels because it reminds me of being young,' she explains. 'That's how I started ironing. My mum used to give me my Dad's hanky first, just because they're really easy, then tea towels. So it takes me back.'

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Are you with Kirstie and enjoy ironing a stack of tea towels? Or is it just a waste of time?

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