This genius broom has a built-in vacuum to pick up dirt – Mrs Hinch fans take a look

Put your dustpan in the bin and grab yourself one of these brooms...

Tried, tested and loved by the Ideal Home team, we spotted a genius broom from Lakeland that can clear up the debris you collect around your home in one fair sweep (no pun intended!). This broom is ideal for those who don't fancy lugging out the vacuum cleaner after every dinnertime, and the majority of us use a broom as well as a vacuum cleaner, especially in our kitchens – so this will just make your life ten times easier. There's no dustpan required, or bending down needed, as this green broom has a dirt collector on one side.

The best part? Unlike a vacuum cleaner, you needn't charge this broom to use it –  three AA batteries that come included can power it for two months. We own this broom and like to use it once a day to sweep our kitchen and living room floors. It's also great for picking up stray pet hairs (we have two pets so plenty of those laying around) and for quick cleaning, especially in places that are harder to reach than others.

Whether you recently ditched your dustpan and want something that makes it easier to pick up your rubbish, or, perhaps you are thinking of someone who is less able, therefore can't bend down to sweep up? Alternatively, this broom is brilliant for post-dinner cleaning if you hate getting the vacuum out twice or three times a day, or it could be great for use in a garden house or on garden tiles. It can also do the job when you realise you've forgotten to charge your vacuum cleaner again.

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You can click to buy this clever invention – the Kleensmart Easy Sweep Broom – from Lakeland now for £19.99. We'd suggest doing so fast, before it starts trending, or, better yet Mrs Hinch finds out about it (we are quite surprised she hasn't already). Safe to say that this invention is one that we all could do with having in our homes, especially after the year we've all had stuck inside. We are sure you'll get plenty of use out of it when we are allowed guests over in our homes, too.

Kleensmart Easy Sweep Broom

sweep broom

(Image credit: Lakeland)

Buy now: Kleensmart Easy Sweep Broom, £19.99, Lakeland

How does it work?

Simply enough, this device works just like a regular broom but one side has a dust collector. Underneath the broom, if you pick it up and turn it over, you will find a red button. In order to sweep up the debris, you'll want to tilt the broom to touch the floor, which will hit this red button, to make the rolling brush move and suck up dust, crumbs and more.

sweep broom with built in vacuum and white flooring

(Image credit: Lakeland)

How to use it?

Go around your house as normal, sweeping, and as you would usually, sweep your dirt into a pile. You can either do this against a wall or in the middle of your floor – we found it to be easier in the middle of your floor. Sweep the dirt into a line. Hold the broom vacuum-side down, and ensure that the container is pressing on the floor. If it is, the roller brush will start making a noise and moving. Slowly move the broom towards you, and it will suck up the debris on your floor within that line. You might have to go over the area again if anything fell out to the sides.

How to empty it?

The dust container is surprisingly easy when it comes to emptying as there are two green buttons on either side of the head. Press them both at the same time and slide the brush away from the rest of the broom, then you can shake it into your bin and give it a tap to make sure it's all empty.

dust container cleaning

(Image credit: Lakeland)

The bin on this broom obviously isn't the largest in the world, but it does manage to hold quite an impressive amount of dirt. And, it can suck up large bits of dust with ease.

Good to know...

This broom is extendable in height so that pretty much anyone can use it. It can be set at any height between 62cm and 116.5cm high – another genius feature. This can also prove handy when it comes to storing, should you have a small cupboard that you keep your cleaning supplies in.

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What do you think? Will you be adding this clever broom to your cleaning supply cupboard? We certainly don't regret doing so.

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