A fan of New England style? You'll love these new Lexington Company wallpaper designs

Inspired by the relaxed East Coast lifestyle, Lexington Company have designed a range of classic New England style wallpapers for Boråstapeter, all sure to give your home an authentic Americana vibe

A blue-striped work shirt, casual linens, sun-bleached woods, sun, sea, sand and famous literary figures were all sources of inspiration for this New England collection of wallpaper designs.

The new collection comprises nine wallpaper designs, all named after famous American authors who lived and wrote in the vicinity of New England. They include Mark Twain, who wrote much-loved Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Harriet Beecher Stowe the author of anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, and Emily Dickinson, one of America's leading poets.

Classic New England style is a distinguished mix of stripes and check, with floral and coastal accents. The colour palette is a fusion of sandy neutrals, natural linen beige, navy blue and shell pinks – all perfect colours for creating a laid-back vibe, and the key to this easy-to-live-with look.

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wallpaper on wall with plant in vase and books

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The Arthur wallpaper design (above) is a typewriter print that, despite being heavily patterned, retains a subtle feel. This is largely thanks to the use of neutral on neutral tones. Secret messages are written amongst the strings of letters – you'll hours of fun trying to find them, just don't be tempted to circle them like word search!

Buy now: Arthur Wallpaper, £84 a roll, Scandi Living

map on wall with white door bag and shoes

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The Map of New England is the signature paper from the range. There's no second guessing where the inspiration came from for this design. This paper would add the wow factor to a home office or teenager's bedroom, for sure.

Buy now: New England Wallpaper, £149 a roll, Scandi Living

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wallpaper on wall with lamp and paper

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Classic Stripes are at the heart of this heritage look. The two new design Louisa (above) and Dan (below) are both timeless designs. Both can be used vertically or horizontally to mix things up.

 Buy now: Louisa Wallpaper, £84 a roll, Scandi Living

potted plants with wallpaper on wall and teapot

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Buy now: Dan Wallpaper, £84 a roll, Scandi Living

cushion with wallpaper on wall and white door

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Buy now: Stephen Wallpaper, £84 a roll, Scandi Living

'This has been an exciting collaboration, bring together Lexington's lifestyle concept and Boråstapeter's knowledge of wallpaper production,' says Sissa Sundling, Head of design at Boråstapeter. 'Together we have created a classic collection of patterns that exude a relaxed East Coast style in combination with classic Swedish wallpaper design.'

printed wallpaper on wall with spectacles and book

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The Mark Twain design (above) is really where the quirky factor is! Library-book wallpapers are increasing in popularity for adding interest to walls. This new design, featuring pages from the chapter on New England from a guide book, is the new way to add literature to feature walls and create a real talking point.

 Buy now: Mark Wallpaper, £84 a roll, Scandi Living

printed wallpaper on wall with candlestick and potted plants

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Buy now: Emily Wallpaper, £84 a roll, Scandi Living

Are you now, like us, feeling inspired to add a New England style wallpaper to your home? The only question is which one will you go for stripes, quirky literature, maps or florals?


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